Saturday, May 30, 2009


Oops sorry guys forgot to say there'd be a break in my posts. Jason arrived Thursday with our friend Michael and although I'm not on my feet we are staying down at Phillip Island for the Australian T4rm4c Challenge vic (formerlly known as the dutt0n rally) it's so good to see him and just to see everyone down here.

I shall return! Probably Tuesday xox

Friday, May 22, 2009

I am your local TUPPERWARE CHICK!

Yup you heard me right. This has been in the plans for some time now and when I return to Sydney it all becomes official. I have launched myself into the direct selling arena and decided to become the local Tupperware lady.

There are heaps of reasons behind me doing this. Not the least of which is the extra income I require so I can put aside money to marry my man. But honestly how good is Tupperware? I know there are some TupperFreaks that read my blog. People that like organisation! They love organisational products like I do.

For years I have dreamt of having a tupperware pantry and fridge where everything is stored safely and properly in matching modular mates.

I have always been a bit of an organisational freak - weird for a self confessed clutterbug but it's all about everything having a place and everything being in it's place. And it can with the help of the Tupperware products.

Now some of you are sitting at home salivating and on this same path thinking yes yes Tupperware. While others might think I am sounding like a 1950's housewife. But truly this is a really positive path for me!

From their website - "For over 60 years Tupperware has been designing products that help simplify people's lives. Saving time and money for the consumer by helping to keep food fresh has always been one of Tupperware's most important goals. Today Tupperware offers products for storing food, food preparation, cookware, storage, and serving items.

But our passion is to Enlighten, Educate, and Empower women and their families."

Tupperware is also commited to helping save our environment. And their products come with a lifetime guarantee.

Tupperware allows me flexibility to work when I want, where I want. I get to socialise with other Tupperfreaks and meet more people where I can be involved in cocktail parties, chocoholics parties, cooking parties and a million more ideas. There's a good commission structure, and plenty of chances for rewards.

So what more could a girl want??

19 / 84

Well I am kind of out of it. I am still on anti histamines to try and calm these rashes and basically they have made me a zombie. I've been to the doctor again today, all is ok though there is talk that I won't be ready for work as soon as we thought.

It's so frustrating.

Not doing all that much bar watch TV thanks to my current state. I might not blog for awhile until I have something to blog about and I'm more "aware"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

17 / 84

Sorry I didn't post yesterday - I decided to have an allergic reaction to something and was scratching all day - fun fun.

A trip to the doctor, some anti histamines and some time and I am still itchy but much better than I was. Thank the good Lord!

Today I have spent a whole pile of time helping Mum declutter - Honestly it feels like we are throwing out so many things - sending more to the Op Shop and then when you turn around it's still as bad as before. It's all so hard!

I really want to make sure this place is ready to roll by the time I leave and I just don't see it happening which is so stressful! I try to convince Mum to just throw things out but there is so much emotional memorabilia that they just wont let go of. Then you have to find a way to store it. ARGHHHHH.

I'm just as bad. Seriously!

Although I have finally resigned myself to either selling off or dumping my old magazines. Cleo, Cosmo etc dating back as far as 1992 if not further. It would be good if I could find a great way to list them. I think the bin is probably the best option (Unless someone here is into magazines in a big way?)

I'm doing well on my shakes. Moving more and more every single day.
Only 8 sleeps till I get to see Jase now - I am so excited, It has been so hard to be apart from him yet again!

Oh my goodness - Must run Mum is cooking and it smells to good for me to hang around here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

15 / 84

Well today got totally wasted by some stupid courier who never showed up. Don't you love hiring tradies / couriers / whatever and they give you a timeline that they will arrive at your abode. Normally either 8am - 1pm or 1pm - 5pm.

Either way unless you PLANNED on spending your day waiting for the doorbell to ring it's all stuffed.

Today we were waiting on a courier to arrive sometime between 1pm and 5pm. Guess who no showed? SO ANNOYED! There is so much other stuff to be done than wait for them. Luckily we had some things to do around the house but I would have loved to go out just down the street. For a walk. Or to go buy the dog food (They aren't impressed when you don't feed them)

As you all know I'm on a diet of shakes at the moment but right now I am craving salt badly. I would love some chips or even the chicken sausages that Mum cooked the family for dinner. I'm never keen on sausages so to have such strong cravings for me is very very weird.

But ultimately I have to stick to whats working for me and right now that's the shakes so no sausage for Jadey (get your minds out of the gutter my fiance is interstate)

Talking about whats working - today is weigh in day no. 2

I am very happy to say the scales this morning rewarded me with a weight of 121.3 kg which is 5.6kg down on my original weight. 4.4% down. WOOHOO. I can't complain about that now can I? The big losses don't happen always and forever.

I'm only 1.4kgs away from my first reward of a pedicure (I hope I can handle the massage by then) And I am hoping to have it down at the Hot Springs in Rye while my Mum has a Massage I bought her for Christmas. I love the Hot Springs - I definitely want to go down there before I go home, just in the baths. MMM SO relaxing. If you haven't been - do it!

Only 10 sleeps until Jason arrives for the Dutt0n Rally. I miss him like crazy - I'm not up to shooting it with him and thankfully we have someone else coming down to help. Michael helped us with the easternats so it's nice to know we can rely on somebody to help us when we need it, he's a brilliant photographer.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

14 / 84

I stole a meme from Diz - Banded I haven't done one for awhile :)

1. First thing you wash in the shower?
Under arms
2. What color is your favorite hoodie?
Don't have one - I went to buy one the other day and there was no plain just stripes
3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
Yup and again and again
4. Do you plan outfits?
Depends - they never seem to work for me though
5. How are you feeling RIGHT now?
Bit sore, bit sad, bit happy
6. Whats the closest thing to you that's red?
My heat pack - it's cooolllddd in Melbourne
7. Tell me about the last dream you remember having?
I don't remember
8. Did you meet anybody new today?
9. What are you craving right now?
Nothing - weird
10. Do you floss?
Nope - I should though
11. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?
12. Are you emotional?
13. Have you ever counted to 1,000?
Yep - I frequently count to help me sleep
14. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?
I'm a licker
15. Do you like your hair?
Nope it's too thick
16. Do you like yourself?
17. Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush?
Sure would make for some interesting discussion.
18. What are you listening to right now?
Watching Postcards on TV and dreaming of holidays
19. Are your parents strict?
Yup - strong christians who love us dearly
20. Would you go sky diving?
Sure - if someone else paid I think
21. Do you like cottage cheese?
Nope - gross
22. Have you ever met a celebrity?
Yep a few
23. Do you rent movies often?
Nope - although more often now I am spending my life on the couch
24. Is there anything sparkly in the room you're in?
My engagement ring
25. How many countries have you visited?
2 - This one and New Zealand when I was 4
26. Have you made a prank phone call?
Oh childhood memories
27. Ever been on a train?
28. Brown or white eggs?
Is there a difference?
29.Do you have a cell phone?
Yup iPhone
30. Do you use chapstick?
Nope - I use paw paw and a minty one
31. Do you own a gun?
Nope - I remember using my Dad's when I was younger though
32. Can you use chop sticks?
Yes - my Aunty said use chopsticks or starve when I visited at 14 yrs old
33. Who are you going to be with tonight?
Mum, Dad, Storm, Knackers and Trigger are all keeping me company
34. Are you too forgiving?
I don't think there is such thing
35. Ever been in love?
Yup and I am
37. Ever have cream puffs?
38. Last time you cried?
Earlier today
39. What was the last question you asked?
How was your holiday?
40. Favorite time of the year?
41. Do you have any tattoos?
42. Are you sarcastic?
Ha I wish - then I could keep up with Jason
43. Have you ever seen The Butterfly Effect?
44. Have you ever walked into a wall?
45. Favorite color?
Pink & Purple
46. Have you ever slapped someone?
Uh huh
47. Is your hair curly?
It's got this annoying non curl wave type thing ugh I want to perm straighten it
48. What was the last CD you bought?
49. Do looks matter?
Yeah - but not in the way most people think
50. Could you ever forgive a cheater?
Balls off
51. Is your phone bill sky high?
It could be better
52. Do you like your life right now?
Yeah, I have an amazing man, anm amazing family and I am healing more everyday
53. Do you sleep with the TV on?
54. Can you handle the truth?
55. Do you have good vision?
Nope and I've lost my glasses
56. Do you hate or dislike more than 3 people?
57. How often do you talk on the phone?
Every day, that happens when the boy or the family are interstate
58. The last person you held hands with?
My Mum
59. What are you wearing?
Tracksuit Pants, T shirt, Cardigan
60. What are your favorite top 3 animals?
Dogs, Horses, Big Cats
61. Where was your default picture taken?
62. Can you hula hoop?
Nope - a lost childhood skill
63. Do you have a job?
Dunno :-/
64. What was the most recent thing you bought?
A frozen coke
65. Have you ever crawled through a window?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

13 / 84

Nothing much going on around here at the moment. I'm not feeling 100% so I've been snoozing and watching TV. I even forgot to jump on the scales this morning.

Nothing to see here.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Thanks for the birthday wishes peeps. Storm was a very happy girl with play and cupcakes today.

122.2kgs this morning.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

11 / 84

I think today has been boring as hell.

I finally set my alarm clock to get up early this morning. AND then when it went off resigned myself to the fact that I had to get up. But my brother decided to stay the night and although I thought he was going to work he was here. He's in a shitty mood (which I discovered last night) So I went back to bed until 12:30pm or so.

Tomorrow's a new day :P

Weighed in at 122.4kg so I have dropped the excess weight I was holding onto from Monday and Tuesday (BOO YA)

Tomorrow is Storm's 8th Birthday! I have a big day planned for her with cupcakes and everything! I am not eating the cupcakes they are for the dogs I swear. Plus I am looking for a gorgeois new dog tag for her. I know what I want because I have seen it before but I haven't seen it here in Melbourne so I'll get it for her when we get home.

Spoilt doggy huh! Isn't she gorgeous?? She's my little baby.

Anyway as I said spectacularly dull!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So many gorgeous people were brought into the world this week. Two of those people who are very special to me and to some of those reading were born today.

It's with love I'd like to wish a huge Happy Birthday to Ali & Beckie!!! I love you both heaps.

Ali left the great land of Aus a couple of years ago and haa been galavanting all over The world and has been managing to keep us up to date with her days of our lives tales via her blog. It's a fairly gutsy move to travel alone, something I couldn't do. I do hope someone spoils you today with plenty of cake and love honey!

Beckie is one of the most amazing, funny, gorgeous, loving friends a girl could have. She's got a huge personality and a heart to match and that has made her both a very popular online personality as well as a real life friend. Beckie has two gorgeous boys Bradman and Morrison and she's a brilliant Mum. I has my socks blown off when I met Bradman thanks to his great manners and good behaviour and I have no doubts Morrison will grow up the same way. She's not blogging at the moment (I am eagerly waiting her return) but Beckie I was so happy to see all the pampering you have ahead. I wish you every good thing.

Happy Birthday again girls.

I weighed in as expected this morning 123kg exactly. Can't really expect anything else and I am grateful that the damage wasn't worse than the 400 grams I'm holding onto.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I am NOT KING SHIT. I am not some invincable dieting weight losing goddess. I need to work hard to lose weight and yes eating shit WILL hurt me this once. I really need to drum this shit into my head.

It's like winners syndrome or something. You are successful and you are happy with your result so you get your trophy then you go out partying with your trophy. "I'm good" you say to yourself. "Look at the results I just acheived". ""Check my shiny trophy" "Oh go on enjoy yourself, have a beer, drink a tequila shot or two it wont hurt you just this once."

Then you wake up shitfaced two days later having shared your personal bits thanks to a mastercard priceless ad featuring yours truly you now stink and you are suffering consequences that "weren't" going to affect you this once. You missed the next game and your chances for the finals are over. OOPS

No I didn't go and get smashed in the last two days. (Although my 4am facebooking probably suggests otherwise) But I did look at the weightloss I had acheived yesterday and I let my food and habits slip a little. I was lucky I maintained my weight at 122.6 kg today but to maintain that weight again tomorrow would only be by some sort of miracle. And apart from that maintenance is not the goal - WEIGHT LOSS IS!

Geeez I am an idiot sometimes.

I also think food makes me grumpy! Like really snooty and depressing! I get some seriously strong cravings for shitty food and I bcome a really stroppy, sad, sooky, tantrum throwing tart if I don't get what I want. And I don't just mean with the food! God forbid if I knock the remote to the floor from the side table I mean HOW MUCH SHIT CAN ONE GIRL TAKE? Honestly - Even I know this is pathetic but at the time it seems like my whole world is going to cave in.

I think I need to stick to the rules - I am also going to pack up the shit I am not supposed to eat and make the parentals hide it from me. They hide the chocolate (which I know is here somewhere) so they can hide the mueseli bars and toast and other yummy things I would succumb to before having my shake like I am supposed to.

For goodness sake - all this and I'm not giving up the smokes like Miss Nicky. You are a total champ babe! Keep up the great work.


Weigh In Day!!!

I am so pleased to be able to report that I lost 2.3kgs this week!

So Stats and Goals Update

Start Weight:~ 126.9 kgs
Goal Weight:~ 64 kgs
Current Weight:~ 122.6 kgs
Weight Lost:~ 4.3 kgs
% Weight Lost:~ 3.3%
Weight to Goal:~ 58.6 kgs

♥ FOOD:~ I am going to stick to my shakes - Generally had 2 a day and a normal meal
♥ EXERCISE:~ I am going to move a little more everyday - Am up and about a little more every day so this is good
♥ I am going to cook up a big pot of Vegetable soup - Oh it's the most yummy soup ever
♥ I am going to set my alarm to start getting up earlier - I set my alarm the getting up thing never happened
♥ I am going to be under 122kg (thinking I'm holding onto a lot of water weight) - 122.6 kg I am still rather pleased with this
♥ Overall I had a half half week but a reward on the scales of a 2.3 kg loss means my whole week was a positive one.

My Goals for this Week

♥ FOOD 1:~ Stick to my Shakes for the majority of meals
♥ FOOD 2:~ Clean out the Pantry and Fridge

♥ EXERCISE:~ Continue to Move a little bit everyday

♥ OTHER 1:~ Catch up with Megan Tuesday
♥ OTHER 2:~ Blog Everyday
♥ OTHER 3:~ Continue to help Mum de clutter the house 1 hour a day

Sunday, May 10, 2009


WOOHOO I am so glad I have logged on now to find that my iPhone blog worked . I had doubts being my first time and all but all that typing wasn't wasted :)


I hope all you Mummy's out there had a fabulous day. I have heard stories of disasters and of spoils. If you have lost your Mum I hope your day was filled with fond memories of special times you have spent with her.

I did end up asleep before midnight last night which was good. However in the cold weather despite waking up quite early I went back to bed until lunch. (Yes I am bad and I didn't do brekky in bed for Mum) Mum and Dad were out to church and when they came home we headed out for lunch as the local chinese restaurant and dessert at the pancake place next door. Same one I went to on Thursday night.

It was very yummy. I was very full. The chinese was healthy the pancakes not so much. But we did share the pancakes so I didn't have a full one.

I don't think eating this crap is any good for me though cause after we got home I got grumpy. Bad food leads to craving more bad food and sometimes I have the most childish attitude. I really really want scones with jam and cream. There are two ads on TV at the moment highlighting beautiful scones with Jam and Cream. One is Foxtel and the other is Home Brand. Honestly it is bad for dieting people to have this thrown in their face all the time.

I tried to cook some beautiful soft poached eggs to have on toast. Pulled them out at the whites weren't cooked properly - put it back in for 10 seconds and the yolks were hard. Boy did that upset me. Dad had eggs on toast for dinner cause I was going to feed them to the dogs. I only like soft yolked eggs and I've never mastered the art of cooking them myself. So I was off pouting again. I don't even need any more food. So I decided to stop being a little bitch and sit on the couch and blog instead.

Well first I went through Facebook and deleted a whole pile of people. People I am wondering why are they on my facebook? I hope I haven't accidentally deleted any of the wrong people haha.

TV is again BORING so again I am off to bed to read my book and get in an early night. I would say Mum and I will be back in the rumpus room sorting things out tomorrow.

122.7kgs this morning. If I gain tomorrow (which is official weigh in day for me) then meh so be it - the chinese and the pancakes will do that to you. But I am hoping to maintain or lose a little more. The goal was 122kgs.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My First iPhone Blog 6/84

I forgot to blog today and then I thought why ruin my perfectly good trend? So I haven't yay!!!

It got cold and the TV was dull so I've climbed into my nice warm bed. Dogs are already snoring away beside me here :-) Hopefully I'll fall asleep before midnight for the first time in ages.

Today Mum and I continued de cluttering the rumpus room. I honestly cannot believe how much rubbish 4 people can collect. I suppose give 3 clutterbugs 21 years in one place and you're going to get buried in junk. The main task so far has involved tonnes and tonnes of paper.

I hurt my ankle 3 x in this process and spent the evening on the couch sooking. I gotta stop over doing it.

123.3kg this morning dissappointed cause I had this inkling I was in for a big drop.

I think Im going to read a little and head for snoozyland.


Well apparently yesterdays pancakes didn't hurt me too badly. 123.3kg today.

I don't really have much to say today. I dunno why.
I have had this really powerful depressive feeling. It's made me really sad, short and emotional. There's absolutely NO reason for it so I'm hoping it passes overnight.

I need some de cluttering tips please! What do you think is the best method for selling unwanted items? eBay, trading post, thursday trader, market stall, carboot stall. What do you bother selling and what do you chuck? Can you really sell almost anything (as long as it's in good condition) ??

I need to help Mum get this house together - today she's depressed. I need Domestic Blitz or Second Chance or something to come in here and give us a huge hand. We seem to be chasing our tail with getting this place ready.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Weigh in this morning 123.7kg

Sometimes I gotta say I am a complete moron!

This afternoon I got heaps of exercise in my wheelchair thanks to a bed shopping trip for Mum and Dad. They had a waterbed that was in a constant state of repair/leaking. It had patches on patches and they decided it wouldn't leave the house with them when they leave.

Finally a week or so ago it got a leak that just wouldn't be patched. You'd get in the bed and get out with a lovely damp feeling.

So the bed has been pulled apart and they were planning on sleeping in the airbed I bought a few months back until the move took place.

It only took a few nights for Dad to start complaining that they needed a real bed so shopping was undertaken today. We failed miserably! There's really no nice beds out there at the moment.

In the meantime I got about 45 minutes worth of vigorous wheelchair cardio/ubwo. Carpet and hills are KILLERS. I avoided the delicious looking donuts and choc chip cookies in the food court. (They looked soooo good)

Then later in the evening I picked up one of my good friends to go see a movie. We were a little early and there's this place called Stacks beside the cinemas. Stacks is a pancake joint - You can see where this is headed right?

Yup me buried face down in Jamaican Banana Pancakes. Just like below only add ice cream. :(

They were honestly some of THE BEST pancakes I have ever tasted! (And I make awesome pancakes) But I stuck to my shakes today until that moment. And it's important that I lose this weight! I made a whole list about why this is important to me and then all it takes is someone saying OOOo pancakes and I'm gone!

I do hope tomorrow is better.

Just as a side note - I went to see Fast and the Furious. I loved it! I loved it LOTS! I am so glad no one had given any bits or pieces away for me too cause I enjoyed seeing the story unravel. So I won't give anything away here either. Except that Vin Diesel is back and he's still hot. :D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

3 / 84

Weigh in this morning 123.7kg. I'm happy with the downward type trend for now. I also found it interesting that my clothes weigh 1.3kg. I thought it would be less than that. 1.7kg to go to this weeks goal.

The sleeping thing is no better.
The food thing I'm doing heaps better with, but I haven't moved too much today.

1pm Shake
4pm Shake
8pm Cheese Twists
8:15pm Veggie Soup
11:30pm Shake

Apart from the cheese twists I had it all under control. They kind of came into it when I waited too long to get the soup out and then overheated it. The soup is so nice! I had forgotten how much I love homemade veggie soup. I love broth based soups. Not much a fan of pumpkin or tomato or creamy stuff but the broth based are yummy. And such a winter comfort food.

I suppose the trick it to get through winter and it's confort foods and bulky clothes and come out the other end smaller than you started. It's not an easy challenge but that's the one I'm taking on, and one I plan on acheiving.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I'm stealing Miss Nicky's title format because it's simple and it rocks IMHO. (Sorry Nicky I'm a shameless theif.)

Today I got up soo late! I had my alarm set and somehow slept through it. I slept through everything! (An impressive feat when it continues to go off every ten minutes or so and is right by your head)

I think it's because yet again my head went no where near my pillow until around 3am. I keep getting wrapped up in my book when I go to bed and I just can't put it down. It's called Gangland Australia and it covers major crime in Australia from the convicts coming off the first ship right through. It's so interesting. On that I do hope that they continue to take time periods in our history and make more underbelly series.

I had an appointment at Centrelink today though, apparently I can claim a sickness benefit because I'm not working but have a job to go back to etc. I went in for my appointment today and someone set me up for the wrong type of claim so I have come home with new paperwork that I have to fill in and go back again with.

I had to make my veggie soup tonight to go with the shakes and that involved a trip to the supermarket. I refused to let Mum push me at all in the wheelchair which meant one great workout for me while getting my shopping done. A solid half hour cardio & upper body workout :)

Food still isn't in line though - I need to get it together without excuses.

2pm - Shake (yes first thing for the day)
6:30pm - Kettle Chips (about 25 grams)
7:30pm - Veggie soup
10pm - Lite Ice Cream

I feel like shit writing it out so perhaps that might help me stop eating it! At least I didn't cook the chocolate cake (which I wanted to do). More shakes less shit.

Weight this morning down to 124.1 kg.

Dropping weight after eating shit can't last forever.

Am Posting on WAS frequently and reporting on here. So I suppose I am doing OK-ish. I retook my before photos in my undies - OMG My belly is so big my undies roll down and hide and it looks like I'm not wearing any :( And I'm not someone that carries that much weight on my tummy! My arse and thighs are magnets for fat content. My tummy is taking the enormous overflow.

I am also really excited about something else that's new in my life. I have had a chat to a couple of people to help me get myself started but I'll be making the announcement soon. I'm hoping that it helps me pay for the wedding and also get out and about and network a bit more. But more on that later cause it deserves it's own post when I am more organised.
Stay Tuned!

Day 1, Week 1 (124.9kg)

Well I haven't gotten off to the start I thought I would today. I really should have. There are no excuses.

I've done quite a bit of walking / shuffling today which is good. So I can tick the box for movement. But food was terrible! I am supposed to be on shakes and vegetables only.

11am - Shake
2pm Chicken Pie (they are lean but it's not a shake is it)
7:30pm Haloumi
9pm 5 min chocolate cake and ice cream


Well I was supposed to get out of the house today but my poor Mum had apparently spent the night vomiting and was suffering vertigo so all of our appointmwnts for today were cancelled and moved around. I basically spent the day looking after her (role reversal but I'm no where near as good at looking after her as she is of me) looking after the dogs. (2 of which are wounded at the moment that story another day) And watching tv.

I watched Secrets Of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and the first disc in the Original Underbelly series. I haven't seen any of it being that I was in Melbourne while it was showing (and banned) and I moved to Sydney just after it finished airing on our tv. I believe it's being played on TV again now.

I was up early though so hopefully that's a start to getting my sleeping patterns under control. Because I can;t drive I unfortunately haven't been able to go shopping for my soup ingredients. And when I stood on the scales this morning my weight was down from yesterday to 124.9kg. I told ya there was some water weight there. That means I've lost 1.6% of my body weight so far. (How very biggest loser of me) BTW I'm a daily weigher. It works for me - when I don't weigh in daily I go off the track when I do I lose weight so no negative comments from the peanut gallery please.

I'll attempt to blog something everyday. No promises though :)

And no I'm not posting the recipe for the chocolate cake but if someone else wants it I'll email it to you. (Make it in 5 mins in a mug in the microwave mmm yummm)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Have You ever Taken up a Challenge??

Have you ever taken up a challenge??

I have a few times and at times I have been successful and at other times I have failed miserably. Accepting failure and getting up to accept the challenge again shows character. So that's what I'm going to do now.

We Are Slimming is about to start another challenge. The 12 Week Winter Warm Up Challenge begins tomorrow. I have won this challenge once before. I worked out everyday and I stuck to my eating plan strictly and I lost a hell of a lot of weight. Being accountable and having somewhere to report can be a great help.

The last couple of times I have taken this on I have to admit I have let life get in the way and I stopped being accountable after the first week. Not good. I'm hoping the fact that I am home bored for at least another month means that I am going to get into the habit of posting and updating etc so that when I go back to work I keep it up!

Please come join us if you have a goal you are reaching for. This challenge is completely free and you have nothing to lose except kilograms :) You can start any day this week. It doesn't have to be tomorrow.

I took my starting photos, measurments etc tonight. Oh Boy. I have never been so big before and it's enough to make anyone want to cry. The challenge only requires I take a waist measurement but habit says I take multipoint measurements. I think it also helps show where I am losing from etc.

I hate these photos so hopefully being ballsy enough to post them on my blog helps me stick to the right path. I can tell that when I do get to my goal weight though I'll be upset for wearing shorts so you can't really see the full hideousness of my legs. Cause there's nothing like a comparison photo haha. Unfortunately I didn't bring any bathers or anything to Melbourne with me. :(



Height:~ 168cm
Weight:~ 125.2kg

Neck:~ 38cm
houlders:~ 108cm
Chest:~ 123cm
Left Arm:~ 42cm

Right Arm:~ 39cm
Small of Waist:~ 110.5kg

Naval:~ 131cm
Muffin Top:~ 149cm

Hips:~ 146cm
Left Thigh:~ 72cm

Right Thigh:~ 73cm
Left Calf:~ 50cm

Right Calf:~ 48cm


By July 27th I'm going to
♥ Have done all necessary physiotherapy inc the exercises set
♥ Have regularly updated my blog (1 x a week min)
♥ Regularly updated WAS
♥ Followed all doctors orders
♥ Have lost at least 10kg
♥ Be down at least 2 dress sizes
♥ Exercised at least 5 x a week for a minimum half hour as a habit
♥ Limit my junk food habits
♥ Establish a sensible sleeping pattern
♥ Become more aware of my eating
♥ Eat at the table not in front of the TV or at my desk
♥ Have my engagement party planned and organized
♥ Wear a dress to my engagement party


♥ I am going to stick to my shakes
♥ I am going to move a little more everyday
♥ I am going to cook up a big pot of Vegetable soup
♥ I am going to set my alarm to start getting up earlier
♥ I am going to be under 122kg (thinking I'm holding onto a lot of water weight)

BTW - for those following along, Yes I know this weight is up on last week. But I have had every treat imaginable this week knowing I'm getting 100% serious now. I expect it's mostly water but there has to be some damage in there as well. It'll come off.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Why Do I Want to Lose Weight?

Why I Hate Being Fat

  1. Using crutches is a bitch - try lifting 125kg repeat all day
  2. My arse doesn't fit in chairs
  3. Or in Toilets without touching the sanitary bin
  4. Once I didn't fit on the toilet at all (this one)

  5. I'm always worried about breaking a chair
  6. When I squeeze into one of those nearly breaking plastic chairs my arse and legs stick out the sides
  7. Oh and I have to hold the chair when I stand up and seperate it from my arse or it comes with me
  8. My thighs are also taller than the arms on chairs (if that makes any sense)
  9. Cutting & painting my toenails involves holding my breath and struggling
  10. Clothes shopping is a bitch
  11. I'm constantly trying to rid my double chin (I think double is being nice)
  12. I can't
  13. Big girls underwear is grannyish
  14. If it looks nice it won't hold my boobs up for the day
  15. Sitting in Planes, Public transport, Cinemas, Theatres etc is all uncomfortable. I just don't fit.
  16. I feel sorry for the people sitting beside me
  17. I can't cross my legs - this is a dignity maintaining pose you know
  18. People say mean stuff about me
  19. Kids say it out loud and laugh
  20. Feeling sick at work cause I wonder how people take the fat girl seriously
  21. Changing in change rooms
  22. Stuffing myself into a swimming costume
  23. Brazillians are a tricky business, bruising occurs for fatties and the beautician has so much to hold
  24. Shaving your legs involves sucking it in and taking a deep breath all at once and folding yourself in half
  25. Cycle classes are kind of similar when your boobs don't knock you out
  26. I'd like a dressing gown that fits
  27. And a towel that wraps around me
  28. I'd like to try on wedding dresses - but I'm too scared to even look
  29. Eating in public is horrible
  30. So is buying food at all
  31. The rashes between my legs
  32. in my groin
  33. under my boobs etc
  34. Fat sex
  35. Feeling limited on ANYTHING because of my size

What I Am Looking Forward To

  1. I will be a weight I can publicly declare without embarressment or shocked looks
  2. I won't touch the sanitary bin when I use the toilet
  3. The gap between my thighs
  4. Fitting into chairs properly
  5. And having room left over
  6. Painting my toes without passing out
  7. Ditto Shaving my legs
  8. Wrapping myself in an oversized towel
  9. And in my oversized gown
  10. Wearing the wedding dress of my dreams
  11. Participating in sport and in classes at the gym and enjoying them again
  12. Buying sexy underwear
  13. And teasing my hubby with it (well he will be)
  14. Not spilling out of my dress on our wedding day
  15. Enjoying our honeymoon
  16. In my bathers
  17. Walking & Playing with Storm without being sore
  18. Trouble free pregnancies
  19. Simpler reconstructive surgery recovery
  20. Increased movement & flexibility
  21. Some great photos of me
  22. To show people what I used to look like and it be my fat photos not my skinny ones