Sunday, November 29, 2009

4th Goal!

Hi all!

I have reached my 4th weight loss goal!

I weighed in this Wednesday at 104.4kg which is 22.5kg gone! I have based all of my goals around being under the next marker so under 120 = 119.9kg or under 105kg = 104.9kg

My next goal is 99.9kg. It brings me into the double digits. It's a very exciting goal and I am already on my way forward with it.

I finally went and had my 1st weight loss goal reward last weekend. I went with a girlfriend to go and see New Moon last saturday. Let me tell you - I've become an addict! For ages and ages I have thought all you "twilight freaks" were a tad weird. Like everyone who raved about Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter etc. I was so over hearing all about it.

I dragged her here to watch the first one on the big screen we have as she needed cheering up. (Self sacrificing me of course haha) And it was absolutely awesome (save some "special" effects) and I couldn't wait to get to the movies and see New Moon.

Having not read the books it was all completely new to me. But the ending oh the ending !

Now I have to read the books. I have no time to read the books but I am getting there slowly. There is so much more information in there than there was in the movies but I am loving the read. I love that I can see the scenes from the movie as I read the story. It's such an easy to read book too.

My parents would be mortified. Ah wells. I can't believe I have been sucked in. But I do adore it now.

On to my next goal - I need to have my full body massage. I have seen Avenue Q (thank God cause there is an ending to these things) I'm not sure about the Series 2 Underbelly reward. I might do something else. Maybe, Oh who knows.

Up Next - a new laptop bag. It's been on my list since forever (Was on my original list too)

Monday, November 2, 2009


What an awesome time I am having with things at the moment. It just seems like God is really holding me in his hand and really helping me at the moment which is awesome.

Dad has been in hospital for the past week after going in with chest pains for the billionth time. They found a blockage in his heart and I got notified at 11pm (after the last plane out of Sydney ((oh I sound like jimmy barnes)) I hate that my parents are in Victoria while I am up here. It's too damn far away and they haven't been well. So I had a bit of a teary and a melt down cause I wasn't there and I was worried. And then I started praying.

We got some news later in the week that was awesome! They told us that things were so much better than they were at first and were going looking for some other problems Dad has.
Those problems were finally diagnosed last night as being Gall Stones! And it looks like he'll go see his doctor and be discharged tonight. Geez I hope they fix them and that's the end of all this scary nonsense.

Praise God! From a cardiac issue to Gall Stones. Looks like he'll be improving his diet like it or not.

On Thursday my manager that I worked with before moving to head office finally quit and left the company. You have no idea the kind of exhileration and relief that ran through me when I got the news. She was a burr in my side and a pain in the arse. And we have prayed for her removal from my life for 12 months. I don't have room for poisonous people but sometimes, like at work, We aren't entirely in control of the people we have to have in our lives.

On Friday I checked my post office box to find Faith (See below) Faith is a beautiful Handpainted bear I won from Kathy Joy

Kathy is such a talented artist and beautiful woman. She has been a supportive and encouraging friend and she has a wealth of knowledge on many things including being a qualified nutritionist (Correct me if I got that wrong Kathy) She has been overweight in the past, suffered as a result and turned her life around successfully all while looking after her husband who has a degenrative brain condition which requires her to be his full time carer AND having serious issues herself which mean that even if she wanted to she can't even live in just the one place which means she can be constantly on the move.

She is someone who truly will not let circumstance and excuses get in the way of her accomplishments. And I really appreicate her friendship. Thanks Kathy!

Saturday saw us up the central coast enjoying lunch with Jason's cousins and their children plus Jason's cousins wife's parents (Who are lovely!) Jason is God Father to their oldest son Jaden and we don't get to catch up often at all. I love them to pieces. Honestly Jaden and younger brother Luke are amazingly well behaved kids with great personalities. It's not hard to see they get that from their folks too who are both gorgeous people.

Then back to Sydney to Ribs and Rump at North Ryde for my Besties birthday (Hi Lozza you lurker you). I always love ribs and rump and it's one of my favourite places to go for a meal. Best Ribs and Steak you will ever eat! I swear. We always go to Manly though which is the original Ribs and Rump so this was a bit different.

We enjoyed a great night with our friends and I hope Loz had a good night too. She seemed to be enjoying it all except for the ribs and rump special bloody mary. If you go there don't do it. It's terrible and looks like poo water (seriously)

Sunday morning Jason and I were up early. I hate getting up early on the weekends so there always has to be good reason and this Sunday there was. A friend owns the very popular catamaran Aussie Magic. Well known as it used to be hired to Matilda Cruises and Captiain Cook Cruises for charters. He took it out on the weekend with an invite to his friends and we were lucky enough to get on board.

It was a glorious day - About 25°C and the harbour was the perfect place to be. Both Jason and I LOVE being out on boats and found the whole thing so relaxing and enjoyable.
We are thinking of asking to charter the boat ourselves for our engagement party which should be organised for February sometime. Keep your fingers crossed for us. It's a small upgrade from the backyard bbq we were looking at :p
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend like I did. And that your blessings are many.