Monday, August 4, 2008

Not Vego Friendly - First Days At Work

Sunday night Jase and I went to Manly ribs and rumps for dinner. The meals are freaking huge! Jason was supposed to help me but he hardly made a dint in mine after eating his. Then he decided it would be funny to take bad photos of me. (*Example to follow as my comp has cracked a hissy and wont let me use the net so I just changed computers)
It was nice to be just the two of us for dinner though. It doesn't happen all that often at all. Then we went for a bit of a drive so I could make sure I knew where I was going for the sales launch Monday morning at Bondi Junction.
Too easy!
I was told to be at Bondi Junction by 8am I would have to leave home at 6:30am so I did and arrived quite promptly at 7am. Eeek. Lucky I took a book with me cause I spent an hour reading before going up to meet my new boss.
Ed is a great guy it seems. Same age as me with quite a bit of industry experience. He has done wonderous things for the club which is brilliant and I'm looking forward to really absorbing whats happening from there. The team is great too. They have managed to impress no end. I've been eating healthier which is great and keen to get into my training again. (What I can do)
I thought the club I was going to was only 1 level but it's 3 levels! Which is amazing. But then I can't do stairs so well which is a small problem. I have been trying to do them and make an effort but I think I am going to have to go back to the lifts if my ankles continue along these lines as I'm in so much pain.
Otherwise things are going well so far up here. Storm is mad as hell at me for being outside still. I put her on a diet too. Must be diet food because she refuses to eat it! So losing weight through starvation. I have to mix it with stock or gravy to get her to eat it. I fed her the leftovers from my ribs (about 3/4 of what you see above) and she can't finish it either though haha.
She has a new blanket coming in the mail to try and help keep her warm though and I bought her a jacket the other day (She hasn't had to wear this yet though)
I hope everyone is well. The plan is to read some blogs at some stage. I will get there eventually I'm sure.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hey! So it's been awhile huh.

The farewell thing never happened which sucks but hopefully we will get to organise something in it's place when I come to Melbourne for a visit. (Hopefully a bit more organised and a bit more notice to give.)

I arrived here in Sydney last Wednesday night. I drove up. The car was packed full so poor Storm sat on the passenger seat. She was great company though and ended up finding that if she lay across the seat her head sat nicely in my lap. So we travelled like that the whole way.

It was a smooth journey thank goodness. There were many tears on my departure. Mum and I were both bawling our eyes out. Mum insisted we go to Maccas for brekky that morning and was ever so insistant that I stay just a bit longer.

One thing I did mean to do as I left town was to stop by at Koko Black for a box of their gorgeous chocolate. They have made it up as far as Canberra but not yet opened their first Sydney store. I was distracted as I passed Lygon Street so that never happened in the end. I was a little devastated at first but Koko Black have recently annonced that as of August (ie: now!) You can buy Koko Black from anywhere in the country. Yup! They are doing online orders!!!!!!

Their online system isn't set up as yet but you can order via email at the moment which puts my mind at ease.

On my way up I found out that while Jason and I were in Western Australia last weekend Scott (Jason's brother) Had moved himself into the house. Jean thinks Scott has more of a right to be here than I do so I can't complain apparently but Jason HATES HIM. I am really uncomfortable when he's here. I just wish he'd grow up and get his own place. He's 41! His girlfriend keeps kicking him out it seems.

He seems to have disappeared for the weekend so I'm hoping he's gone back to her.

I'm still unpacking. I have been fairly lazy with it all. I have some stuff here already I need to sort out. Mostly throw into large garbage bags and take to the tip. I am even helping Jason get his stuff sorted too. This boy does not like change no matter how much he begged for me to come home and de clutter for him haha

Storm is now an outside dog. This in itself has made me cry myself to sleep every night. She seems to miss the other dogs and she doesn't understand why she's not allowed in with us. It's a heart tearer. I don't think I'll ever get used to it completely.

Saturday morning I went to Dunes with some friends for brekky. Oh gee how I love their breakfasts. The best Banana Bread ever. I just have to learn to order less. Lucky I took Storm along too because she got the left overs and was very happy with sausage and bacon and that kind of thing.

Today I went and bought myself a TV for the bedroom. Somewhere I can go and be alone and not have to worry about anyone else. I got myself a good deal on the 1000 days interest free at Harvey Norman. Spewing about the fact that if I bought it 3 days ago Samsung would have thrown in a Bluray player though.

Only problem is it's sitting in a corner downstairs right now as I do need to buy all the cables. Get an Antenna guy in here to set up a jack in our room and mount the freaking thing (The wall mounts were out of stock) So maybe next weekend???

I'm missing my Mum and Dad like crazy. I am so glad their plan is to move up as well or I'd be stuffed.

I'm also really glad I have good friends up here. It means I have a solid base around me which is good and I'm not alone.

Tomorrow I start work. I'll be heading into head office first to meet my new boss and then I get to meet my team and go straight into a state sales meeting. So It's going to be very full on. I'm really excited about whats ahead of me.

Will try and keep you all updated too.