Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Weighty Wednesday

Weighty Wednesday


Height:~ 168 cms
Start Weight:~ 126.9 kgs
Goal Weight:~ 64 kgs

Current Weight:~ 101.9 kgs
Loss This Week:~ 0.2 kgs

Weight Lost:~ 25 kgs
% Weight Lost:~ 19.7%
Weight to Goal:~ 37.9 kgs

Little loss this week which is to be expected after last week's drop but I am ecstatic about reaching the 25kg lost mark. WOOHOO!!!!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Beautiful Home For Sale

Situated in the exclusive Peninsula Gateway Estate, South Frankston, VIC.
4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Built In's to all, Formal Lounge and Dining, Massive Rumpus and Undercover Patio Perfect for the family and entertaining. Enormous backyard and triple carport. Much more.
Mid - High $500's
Open for Inspection
Sat 19th Nov
11am - 12pm
Or by Appointment
Contact David 0404 881 888

Fuel Rant

Do NOT Miss the fuel cycle.


I don't know about you but over the years I have always filled up on the cheapest day. If the car was ¾ full or not when the drop in the fuel cycle arrived my car was getting filled to the brim. Over the last couple of months the cycle has changed.


Previously the Sydney cycle ran with a drop in prices on Tuesdays and so Tuesday you would find me filling up. Then quite quickly it went through to Wednesday and then Thursday.


I have no problem with the change in cycle days but I do wish I'd remembered what day of the week it was yesterday before it was too late. Because by 10pm my fuel light was on and the prices had jumped 20c per litre from that morning. Ridiculous really when you think about it. Oil companies do not have such huge waves in their pricing. But they control the world so they get to do as the please.


I waited to fill up this morning and that damn 20c price rise cost me an extra $11.20 in fuel.



Thursday, December 17, 2009


It’s not my Competition but I wish it was because it is AWESOME!
I am always trying to male my blog look better with headers and that kind of thing but I am totally lacking of skill when it comes to this area. So that’s when people like Tara come along.

As you can see here her skills are maddeningly great! These are my top 3 picks from her website (Click the button below to see more) Can you see a little Twilight coming through in 2/3?

You (And I) can win a custom design of our very own! I am super super psyched to get a new header and button. Just click HERE for all the details.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weighty Wednesday

Height:~ 168 cms
Start Weight:~ 126.9 kgs
Goal Weight:~ 64 kgs

Current Weight:~ 102.1 kgs
Loss This Week:~ 1.4 kgs

Weight Lost:~ 24.8 kgs
% Weight Lost:~ 19.5%
Weight to Goal:~ 38.1 kgs

WOOHOO I was so excited I was so close to 25kg gone when I stepped on the scales this morning that I totally missed what a huge weight loss I have had this week. Very impressed.

Keeping me awake now is Breaking Dawn. Unbelievable. The Twilight Series reminds me of, but is so much better than the Virginia Andrews - Flowers in the Attic series.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wedding Plans

Wedding Plans

This wedding planning thing is working out to be harder than I first expected. While my weight loss seems to be under control, nothing else is. I have managed to convince myself at some point that I have AGES to worry about things, which I do. BUT I have also chosen the most popular month of the year in Sydney to get married. So this means while I have ages to plan, bookings should be made in advance.

In the future at some stage I would LOVE to be a wedding planner. I have always loved the idea of it and delved as deeply as I thought courteously possible into the weddings of friends and relatives. It’s just paying for it is a little scary!

I know that I could do this cheaply. Jason would be more than happy to have a BBQ in the backyard and then surprise everyone by saying hey this is a wedding! Great for someone who wants low key. But I am being selfish this time.

I have missed out on the fanfare that normally goes on in my life for my WHOLE life. I have never had a big celebration in my life. No deb ball, no formal, no sweet 16th, no 18th, no 21st etc. This is the one thing I want to celebrate in style and I feel I deserve that big day.

I remember clearly looking in bridal shop windows with my Mum since I was a tiny child admiring the beading and lace work and the huge ball gown style wedding dresses in the window. We would discuss what we liked and what we didn’t and what we would do for my wedding when the time came. Some things have changed over the years but the dream is still there.

There are certain things I have always dreamed of and on those I refuse to compromise. I was at a wedding recently and there was a woman who spent most of the wedding and the reception crying her eyes out. I was there as her friends gathered to find out what was wrong and she said. “I wish my wedding was like this one, we had to cut corners and I regret all of it, I hate looking back at it knowing my one chance is gone.”

I don’t want to be that woman.

Jason is going to be of no help in this department because he doesn’t get it at all. As I said BBQ in the backyard. My Mum gets it though because she said if she were to do her wedding again she would do it differently, but unfortunately my parents are not in a position to help me, and nor should they really, have to I’ll be 30 by the time we marry. My bridesmaids have been so damn supportive! (I love you girls!) Even my M-I-L and I are getting on heaps better. She took me to a friend of hers wedding last weekend it was gorgeous.

So what’s been organised / decided already?

Not much! Haha.

Ceremony – I have spoken to the good people at National Parks about my dream ceremony location. Jason took me here once when we first met. I think not long after we started dating and I decided this was where we would get married. I have never waivered on that fact and while it hasn’t been booked yet (National Parks want me to wait until next year to book) We are sure the ceremony will be taking place at West Head which is the Northern Most Tip of the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. It is a stunning cliff top lookout set amongst gorgeous bushland and looks out over Pittwater and Broken Bay, over Lion Island and Palm Beach.

I’ll try to attach a photo later which shows one aspect but I have recently bought myself a park pass and I may visit soon with Jason to take some proper photos of the area myself as nothing online does this place justice. It was recently used by Home and Away for the wedding of Belle and Aden so if you saw that you have a good idea of what we’re doing.

(Update header photo is of West Head)

Reception – Only this week I have a date pencilled in at a stunning venue on circular quay. It honestly can’t get much better than Quay Restaurant. I am pleasantly surprised that the pricing is less than the function centres I have looked at and I have heard first hand experience from a friend who went to a wedding there and said it was the best venue she has ever been in. I have chosen it mainly for the view. Quay has a 260° view of the Harbour Bridge sweeping across to uninterrupted view of the Opera House. I love this city and I am looking forward to showing it off, especially as all of my family will be coming from interstate.

I am going in to see it all set up for a wedding next weekend which I am looking forward to. I hope I can drag Jase along with me and he falls in love with it as much as I have.

Date – Jason and I will be married on March 5th 2011. It’s a Saturday. I have chosen March as it is a stunning month in Sydney. The smallest chance of rain which is important for an outdoor wedding and the first weekend in March is a public holiday in Victoria which is where most of my family and interstate friends will be travelling from so it makes it easier for them to attend.

Photographer and Videographer – I’m torn on this one but it is the next thing I would like to have booked in as I think the rest can start to work it’s way out around these key things. These are the important ones to have booked.

Guest List – Will be smaller than I would like. I would love everyone I know to be there to celebrate with us, but, if I want more than a BBQ, it’s just not doable. I am worried about tackling the children issue. It isn’t possible to have the children of our guests at the reception. I think it’s going to be a tricky one. I would love to hear from you if you also had an adults only reception or if you are a parent and have had this experience before and when you have what was exceptionally well handled and what wasn’t? Pointers would be great here! I’m hoping most people will be excited about a night without their kids, and those coming from interstate, excited about an adults only weekend which is a rare treat for any parent.

Attendants – Jason has 4 Groomsmen and myself 4 Bridesmaids. He hasn’t decided who’s doing what on the day but the team consists of his high school best friend David, Conrad, Nick and Rob. Supporting me has been / will be Matron of Honour - Lauren (Loz), Simone (Simmo, also happens to be Rob’s wife), Carissa (Will be Nick’s wife as they get married in October) and Angie. These people all hold such special places in our lives and I am so excited to be spending our day with them.

I promise to update with more when I have it.

Weighty Wednesday

Weighty Wednesday

Height:~ 168 cms
Start Weight:~
126.9 kgs
Goal Weight:~
64 kgs

Current Weight:~ 103.5 kgs

Loss This Week:~ 0.4 kgs

Total Weight Lost:~
23.4 kgs
% Weight Lost:~
Weight to Goal:~ 39.5 kgs

As any long term reader would know I am a daily weigher. But I have regarded Wednesday as my official weigh in day for a little while now thanks to the fact that I can use the wanky term "Weighty Wednesday" and have something specific to blog about on Wednesdays. LOL Sad huh! Yup it’s come to that.

But I haven’t been a good blogger at all so Welcome to my Weighty Wednesday.

Yesterday I weighed significantly less – That’s a bastard huh? But that’s what you get when you spend all night reading Eclipse and eat dinner at around midnight. Oops.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catch Up!

Good Morning! Good Afternoon! Good Evening and Good Night!

That might actually be as long as it takes you to read this post. It's a long one so grab yourself a cuppa and get ready to catch up.

Ok I have mine are you ready?

Well I've had yet another whirlwind trip to Melbourne this weekend. I get down there about once a month normally to see my surgeon although with Christmas I will be down again in a couple of weeks but driving this time. Then my surgeon is pretty happy with how things are looking so no more visits until February unless I feel I need one.
My pocket is going to be pretty happy about that.
My head however is used to the flights back and forth I actually enjoy them but even more I enjoy the time spent with my family when I am at home. I know to some that's going to sound absolutely crazy but others of you may just understand.
My family, my fiancé and my friends are my everything. This includes my dogs Storm and Knackers and my brothers dog Trigger who would grab hold of the toughest mans heart.
I am so close to my family that despite moving out many, many years ago for me to move home or for them to live with me wouldn't put me out one bit. In fact I would prefer to live that way. My parents are the kindest most giving people I know and I am so close to them. They have a healthy respect for me as an adult and yet the protective guidance and support of a parent that I need. I can't imagine life without them.
Going home and spending time with them is very special and very important to me. Leaving is always hard because I feel so torn. I wish I could be in two places at once, In Sydney with my fiancé and the love of my life Jason and in Melbourne with my family. Though I still prefer Sydney so I pray they move up here very shortly.

Since I was home last the house has finally been out on the market. It's an amazing feat!

My parents have spoken of moving north since I can remember. I certainly remember talking about it and looking at properties in Queensland when I was at Primary School. There was always something getting in the way of our move though.

Then when I moved to Sydney my Mum decided she could not live more than an hour away from me as when my life progressed there would be Grandkids to take care of and let's face it we are so close that being apart makes us both miserable anyway.

However again something has always kept them away. For the last 12 or more months Mum has worked quite diligently to ensure that the house was ready to go on the market. She's done so much and the house looks great. Now we are praying for a quick sale.

They don't actually have a clue where they are going to move. I am still pushing for Sydney. Dad seems to be on that train now while Mum seems to have fallen off it.

It's a long way, VERY expensive and one of Mum's friends has been in her ear about how she won't know anyone here and all that. I think that scares her because for the last 12 months Dad has rarely been home as he made a return to interstate trucking. At the moment he is home but nothing says that won't change.

That coupled with the fact that they were thinking about living on the Central Coast which is about an hour from me has her worried about being alone I think.

Saturday they help 2 open homes so I helped get everything neat and tidy and decided to make myself scarce. I did a bit of window shopping and ran a couple of errands for them. Then that evening was spent at dinner with some of their church friends at an all you can eat place.

When we got home that evening we found that Trigger had a major gash in her side. It was off to the 24 hour vet hospital for that one and the next day up to Lort Smith for antibiotics and further treatment. Poor Trigger has been so out of it with the antibiotics it makes me so sad to see this normally bubbly puppy acting like a zombie creature. It's better for her though as it helps her to heal if she is still. She's under strict surveillance to ensure no further damage is done.

Monday Mum and I ducked down the street for some necessities. And boy oh boy was I pleased. Dimmies have some of my favourite bras on sale! I only wear Intimo (Thanks Jodie) and Berlei bras. And my Berlei bras generally cost me $55, I bought them for $11.99 each. The only trouble was finding the correct sizing but who can argue with the cost?

Then we stumbled into Target and I bought myself 2 maxi dresses. These are the first dresses I have bought in a damn long time. I never wear them as due to my body shape they look horrid on me. They tend to look like large tents as I have a very defined Pear shape.

The two I bought look good on me and as a bonus despite the $65 price tag on one it somehow scanned at $11!!! So I'm wearing it to work today. Bargain! Geez God has blessed me. I need as much money in my pocket as possible but I have to buy some clothes as they are all falling off me at the moment.

Anyone got a whole pile of good Size 16 & 18 clothes they no longer wear they want to pass down?

I'm thinking I might sell my old size 20's and 22's etc on eBay. Well those that are worth selling. Most have worn out or seams have gone etc. But if someone else is in the same predicament as me and is moving into these sizes perhaps I should post them here first. I would prefer to give what I have to a friend than sell to a stranger.

From shopping we went to see my surgeon who is impressed with my progress. I think I'll be in heels soon. Little by little of course. Today I am wearing ballet flat style shoes.

Being out of my Brooks sneakers for the first time in forever is so freeing! But may have reignited my small shoe obsession beyond what I could have thought possible. Some red stunners have been pointed out to "Santa" for Christmas with my size etc documented. I even tried them on and they fit even with my brace. The brace stops my ankle rolling but not the flexing motion required for some stunning heels. I can't post a pic as the store doesn't have a website for me to steal one from.

There's another 2 or 3 pairs of heels I simply MUST have. The one below but in lace and with a small platform type heel is HOT and available at Betts shoe stores and another pair I saw a girl wearing at the Arias the other week which were an amazing glitter! I have seen similar but not close enough to take my breath away like these did. I think Loz knows where to find them. (I hope she does)

Mmmm heels.

Photo Courtesy of

My other small obsession lately has been The Twilight saga. I mentioned it briefly in my last post but honestly unless you are as addicted as me (or more so) You are going to think I am nuts. I know this because I thought Twilight addicts were nuts.

Ok so they probably are and I definitely am but I completely get it NOW!

I was never in my wildest dreams interested in Twilight. I'm not a vampire kind of girl. But it's a powerful story. One that draws you right into it's romance. It's the kind of story where you wish you were the character in the story.

There's an awesome love triangle. Forbidden love and plenty of drama and action. The men are ever protective, strong and powerful yet loving and attentive. I have always had a thing for strong men. Strong, protective men. Mmmm. While Edward doesn't have the body I would dream for (Emmett and Jacob are more my style with those arms – oh those arms) The character himself grabs me and fills my dreams. This also may have something to do with the fact that I can't put the damn book down so I'm not sleeping until after 2am but I digress.

Over the weekend I finished Twilight and I enjoyed the book more than I did the movie. There was so much more included. I also finished New Moon over the weekend and I have to say in that one I enjoyed the movie more than the book. Although they still missed chunks of the book in the movie.

I understand why though – if they were to put the whole book in you wouldn't leave the theatre for the day.

I am 9 chapters into Eclipse already (I only started New Moon Friday night. :-s) Time passes so quickly when you are reading a good book. It seemed like my wait to board and my flight were over so fast!

I can't believe I have to wait until June next year for the movie. I can already see myself reading through the series again and watching the movies again. I never read or watch anything twice – It's an illness!

I know there will be no more Twilight books written after Breaking Dawn but has anyone read The Host? It's by the same author and I wonder if it will bring with it the same enchantment that Twilight does. I doubt it could.

The other weird thing is that this is the first fiction I have read since high school. I have been into so much true crime and self improvement that I thought fiction was a horrible waste of time. How wrong can you be?

Non fictions don't give the same thrill.

If you have thought it all silly like me be brave and give it a go. It's actually quite good.

I can't lend you my books though because I'm too busy reading them. LOL

On a final note – There's 17 days to Christmas (21 till my birthday and I'm getting old) What's Santa bringing you this year?

I think I need to dress well this Friday and have my photo taken with Santa at Bondi Junction – they have a gorgeous Santa set down there and it's always a great indicator of my weight loss over the year LOL.