Monday, March 30, 2009

My Life On the Couch

Ok so not quite really but a lot of it is.

Last Monday I got out to the doctors and got myself some new pain meds. Unfortunately I get the feeling that these pain meds are causing nausea and vomiting which hasn't been fun. Can't complain too much though becase they have been keeping me out of pain for the most part.

I am still sufferng awful muscle spasms and cramps which is killing me when they hit. Absolutely nothing I can do about it except try to stay still and not scream too loud and ride it out. I have been taking magnesium to try and help the situation but no luck thus far.

I went to Southland last week and bought a "My Wedding Organiser" folder from Kikki K along with some wedding sticky notes with matching pen and heart shaped paper clips. Geez I love stationary. The folder has different tabs so that you can tear out clippings etc that you want to use for inspiration and have everything in the one place. I can see this being very valuable, IF I can bring myself to tear pages out of magazines.

I had to get my crutches repaired because the rubbers broke which was annoying. I am getting better on them. Still wouldn't like to travel much further than the length of my house but I am improving. I can't say enough how much my Mum means to me, She has done absolutely everything to help me and I love her so much! Even basics like getting ssome pants on or getting in the shower is stuff I can't do without her. I need to organise a present of some kind for her.

On Dad's day off last week the 3 of us trekked out to the movies to see Duplicity with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. It's a pretty good movie and thankfully parent safe. But if we do that again I have to remember to get a backrow seat. Getting down to our seats was FAR from easy.

Not much else has been happening other than reading blogs, catching up on forums, reading wedding magazines etc.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not A Lot to Blog About

It's funny you know. The one time in the last 2 years that I have had plenty of time to blog and go on about whats been happening in my life and keeping everyone up to date also happens to be the time that my life is led from a chair in my loungeroom so there generally isn't all that much to blog about.

This week I have spent alot of time in Bloglines catching up with everyone else's lives and finding out what's going on around the grounds. Geez there was months and months worth of blogs to catch up on there.

We borrowed a friends BRAND NEW wheelchair to help me get around a bit further and the poor thing is a mess! One of the wheels is just plain stuffed. They put the centre bolt in backwards, the spokes clink on the nuts and it feels like the brakes are on so that's going back where it came from for a swap over.

I'm very happy that the local shopping centre allows loan of their electric scooter so I have been out on a few short shopping expeditions. I had my nails rebalanced and organised a couple of things for myself. I am still struggling badly with the crutches. Making it from couch to toilet is a workout and a half and leaves me breathless.

I was really frustrated with it all yesterday because I was thinking back to when this all began for me and I was at the height of my fitness levels. 82kg, learning to run and lifting quite heavy weights. Then I hurt my ankles for the final time, this time they weren't going to heal.

IF I'd have had surgery straight away instead of going through more than 6 months of physio and all the mess and fuss before the MRI which showed I needed surgery. If' I'd paid for the surgery or never let my insurance lapse. Life would be so much easier for me now.

Not only would I be much fitter, both in cardio fitness and strength but I would also be 45kg lighter than I am now. And I can only guess that trying to lift 45kgs less every step (crutch, hop, whatever) would be alot easier too.

MEH! Ah well all the what if's in our life cannot control us.

I really have to start getting this weight off when this cast comes off and I can move again properly too. After all there's a white wedding dress in my future and white is unforgiving!

Today I went out to the Mornington Bridal Expo. I'm not getting married down here but I went to check it out for some ideas and happily I came away with one. Actually I think it was only one. But still it's just what I was looking for and had written out something similar in my little notes section on my phone in the middle of the night a coule of nights ago so I'm happy.

I also think my original ideas for colors etc are tearing apart and changing quite dramatically. Our wedding date is still unset because we will be paying for this ourselves and I have no idea how to set a budget and figure out how long it's going to take us to get that money together.

Although my ING account has just had it's first monthly deposit titled "wedding savings" which made my heart and my tummy flutter with butterflies.

The only thing I am sure I want is the location for the wedding, BUT I may find a stumbling block in actually having it there. (It's a national park with paid entry at the gate) It's a stumbling block I'm fairly determined to get around though. I people just have to pay the $11 per car to attend I'm sure they'll get over it and that gets me around one problem.

Storm is so happy to be down here. She spends all day playing with Trigger. They love to play tug and Trigger has a variety of ropes, an old bed and even balls they play tug with. They seem to pat each other all the time. Storm was a bit scared at Christmas time when we came down because in 6 short months Trigger had grown from baby puppy size to bigger than her. Bit of a shock! But Storm is still the boss. Trigger could easily outdo her but Storm barks and Trigger is a sook so she backs off. Trigger is scared of everything, and apart from when she first see's you and takes flying leaps at you (50kg at a full run and jump hurts you know) she's gentle as anything, just a big boofhead.

I have thought of a couple more things to add to my 101 list. (See link in side bar) And I think it's time to update the list of blogs I read. If I haven't commented on your blog or if you want me to drop by your blog make sure to leave me a comment.

I hope you are all doing well. Any tips for getting comfortable with a cast on (especially when it comes to sleeping right now) would be greatfully appreciated in my comments box. Hell just leave me a comment if you are reading along!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Alive!!!

Yes truly I am. Although until late today I would have told you I wasn't this past week.

I finally had my first Ankle surgery last week. Was supposed to be good to go almost straight away just kept in overnight for my own comfort. However I spent 5 days in hospital in the end. I just didn't bounce back so good, then one major muscle spasm through my leg on Saturday morning almost killed me!

Today I had my cast changed and I am sure that my old one had a lump in it that was rubbing on the wound because this afternoon I am so much more comfortable and a totally different person!
So I haven't got all that much to tell. I arrived in Melbourne last week in time for the operation and spent some time with Mum and Dad getting everything ready for when I got home and doing everything I would need to do for awhile. Leaving Jase in Sydney was hard. I cried. I admit I am such a sooky lala.
Storm has come down with me and thankfully her and Trigger are friends more often than not. Knackers doesn't cope with the both of them though. He's getting on a bit. Storm cracks it with Trigger occassionally because she's sore in her older age and less patient also. But overall it's been ok. They love to play tug.
I'm going to be in Melbourne until after Easter and I am hoping at some stage I feel up to catching up with a few blogger friends.
Anyway I have a hell of a lot of blog reading to catch up on. Forgive me if I don't comment. I rarely do. I'll try to make an effort. But I am definitely reading :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

He finally did it!

My boy proposed!

It was sooo romantic! Let me tell you a little story.

Saturday night February 28th was Jason's 40th Birthday party. We had about 40 - 45 of our friends here to help him celebrate this milestone with a spit and salad and desserts.

I thought we'd cut the cake before dessert so we could serve it all up together and bought it out for him. He's a boob man so I made him a booby cake.

Well after blowing out his candles and cutting the cake he was saying his thank you's because we had alot of help to pull the whole party off. I had never organised anything like it before so the help was truly appreciated by all. Then he said who else have I forgot oh Jadey.

He said I have no idea how to thank her for everything she's done and in mostly putting up with me for the last 2808 days. I was like what have you been counting???

Tiny yelled out "You could ask her to marry you!"

Jase said no no. Tiny said "Dude I did it, it's not that bad"

Jase said "I'm broke dude I can't afford it. Look I've got $30 in my pocket that's all" Then he turned to our friend Simon who's a jeweller and said "Simon what can you do for $30?"

Simon thought he could look after us, took the $30 and left and I was like err I think that's our last $30 and I thought it was supposed to go to Nick to pay him back for ice. So Jase was saying how he wishes he could afford the ring I wanted and how he thinks he's lost the $30 when a box came back.

And in that box was another box. And I was gobsmacked. And in that box was the ring. He said "Will you go round with me" and I started blubbering. He slid it on my finger as I kissed him and hugged him and cried and kissed him and hugged him sore more. And people were like did she say yes?

He says to me, "well you haven't said yes yet" So I finally managed to squeak it out.

Isn't he romantic ???