Friday, September 19, 2008


Ok So I am very very FAT and so obviously not with a ph.

I had to weigh in for the start of this challenge and I was mortified to find 122.3kg staring back at me. But not as mortified as my second weigh in which showed 123.7kgs staring back at me. This is definitely the WRONG direction.

I'm not eating all that badly - Remember now I'm in Sydney the Mother in Law cooks and it's all packaged and or fried. It seems healthy like meat and 3 veg or similar. But it never is. I'm glad I went private at this stage because Jason would be most upset reading this. I don't think he understands how important this is to me.

I don't have the cash for lite n easy anymore so I need to gently re educate her when it comes to food. I am so grateful to come home to a meal as I work such LONG hours but it just needs to be healthier or I'm going to be the size of a house. OK I already am. But I'll just continue to get bigger unless something changes.

Anyway other than that, things at work have had a bit of a shake up with one staff member leaving (relief to me) But I was already looking to hire one more so that just made it 2 more needed. I have one newbie now who happens to have links to Jase. He seems great though so far. enthusiastic and willing to work hard.

Now I need another somebody. I'm sure the right person will come along eventually. Would be nice to hire someone by Wednesday though so they can both start at the same time. Would make training so much easier if they were both at the same level too.

I'm also about to get a new club manager (ie the person I learn from and look to for my next step) It's a woman who is FF through and through as well. Come up through the same old fashioned training as me so we should think along the same lines. My only issue is that I have seen a few club managers and acgm's working together female and female and it can be a volatile situation.

Women are just catty sometimes. That's just a fact of life.

Let's keep fingers crossed it's not like that for me. I have loved working with Ed. He has been so fantastic for me and the team. He has strong belief in what I do within the team and I am getting some great results.

The only other thing I am really doing at the moment is looking for a home for my Mum and Dad up here. Not too far away. Something for the over 55's like a townhouse but not in a retirement village.

There's a few things for sale at the moment but all hideously expensive. It's not easy to move from anywhere else in Australia to Sydney. The property prices are just so much more expensive.

The spring weather has been fantastic though! I'm really enjoying the warm and sunny days. There's been a couple of gorgeous spring storms. But overall it's been really lovely.

Anyway today is my rdo so I am going to try and get a few things done like washing ironing etc while I have the chance so best I get off this damn computer and make a start on it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

So much for consistency

I was going to post here more often but I have fallen head first into my new role and all that comes with it.

I really love my new club and my team were successful this month (as they have been consistently) and hit 114% of our budget coming 2nd in the state! (woohoo)

On another note it's time to get active again. I am rediculously overweight and I work in a damn gym. PLUS this is the first week of Spring! How awesome is that. In Sydney people are alot more active (all year but especially when it's warmer) than in Melbourne. I think it has a lot to do with the warmer climate.

I am joining the spring chellenge at
we are slimming forums (feel fre to play along)

Not much else has happened with me this month.

I have been lucky enough to reunite with some old friends. My true friends. I have met plenty of new people. Am working closer to home (thank the Lord) I am getting along ok with the MIL. I am mostly home after she goes to bed which helps. I bought a big tv for our bedroom and mounted it on the wall plus bought a wireless router which means I can basically live in the bedroom.

I am still traumatised by having Storm stay outside. If she could be inside with me life would be grand!

Anyway I hope everyone is doing well. I am trying to catch up on your blogs. So I will also try to leave at least one comment (I'm so bad at the commenting thing)