Saturday, January 3, 2009

So What Worked?

I have been a bit nostalgic recently looking back at photos where I had successes with my weightloss so I thought it might be a good idea to look back at my most successful times and figure out what worked.

So Far I have figured out that
* I set weekly goals as well as over all "challenge" goals and NY resolutions
* I blogged regularly
* I participated on forums ALL the time

* I lived my life AROUND my training (I quit a job once because they wanted me to come to work an hour earlier which is when I had my PT booked in)

* I had regular rewards set up for weightloss

* I enjoyed free days but kept myself on track the rest of the week

* I weighed in every day first thing in the morning after going to the toilet and having a shower

* I did different workouts (1000 steps frequently)

* I trained with my Mum and with Friends (Shared the cost of a PT and did 1000 steps and other things together)

* I had a great support system (I miss my Mum!)
* I never let excuses overide my accomplishments

So figuring I would rather look like this (Left) than this (Right) I am going to try and get back some of my habits of old. (Even Storm was skinnier!)

So hopefully you will see me here a little more often as I step back into lifes patterns that carry me forward in a more positive manner. Today I started a "challenge" at and I am still continuing with Precision Nutrtion. I am starting to catch up on assignments where I am drastically behind.
In saying that my weekend has been rubbish. Bah. Put it behind me and start from NOW.

2009 Resolutions and Goals

* I will become PN Compliant and make the 10 habits HABITS

* I will re develop a healthy water drinking habit ensuring that no less than 2 litres of pure filtered water is drunk in any one day

* I will change my eating habits to more positive ones involving plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, less starchy carbohydrates and more quality lean protein

* I will be pre preparing my food and packing it to take with me when I leave the house as a habit

* I will get more organised at home and at work

* I will have established a routine which includes training for 5 hours every week

* I will have slowly instilled some of my habits into Jason and Jean to help them make more positive changes in their lives

* I will prioritise my sleep (8hrs min - 9 perfect world)

* I will get back to church at least twice a month

* I will take Storm to park at least 4 x a week

* I will eat at the table, not at my desk, not while doing other things, not watching the TV

* I will have started de cluttering my life from the things that are excess to our needs

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Wow I remember going out partying (disasterously mind you) at the turn of the Millenium. When we were all getting prepared for the Y2K bug that was going to tear through every electronic system on the planet. (Was anyone affected at ALL by that crap?)

Here we are now, looking at the last year of the "naughties"

Time has gone by SO quickly.

Last night I saw in 2009 with Jason and some friends at a traditional Aussie backyard BBQ. I probably should have used the Aeroguard cause I have the mozzie bites to prove it. We had an awesome time with Rob and Simmo. Lots of laughs, great food, drink and company. Just the way it should be.

Thanks so much for hosting us guys!

Christmas saw Jase and I head down to my parents place in Melbourne. We had the most relaxing time and really just enjoyed being able to sit and do almost nothing. I bought Jase a suprise Christmas gift with Mum and Dad and we presented him with a beautiful baby Rainbow Lorikeet. He has named her Ness and seems obsessed with her which is awesome.

She's 9 weeks old now and has been hand reared so she loves being around him and playing with him etc.

I got myself a new Magic Bullet which is probably one of the very best kitchen appliances I have ever owned. It does SO much. And so much more than I have ever thought it would do.

Jase also bought me a new car stereo so the frustrations I have had with my stereo not doing what it's told and the crackly speakers is now gone and I am in driving heaven with great music. It even connects to my iPhone for both music and bluetooth for calls.

Mum seems really happy with her new camera and Dad very happy with his Multifunction printer.

They bought me a solid gold bangle, it's absolutely beautiful! I am so spoilt.

My birthday has just been and gone on Monday and I cannot believe how old I am. I don't feel 28. I have decided to suspend my birthday though cause everyone is away and I wasn't organised so I am hoping to do something later on this month.

Today I am working on my New Years Resolutions. You may have noticed this blog has gone public and the domain now points right here.

I love the freshness of the white and green. Although I loved the natural earthy colours of my old blog it's a bit dark for this period in my life.

I hope you guys will come along with me as I do this all over again. I'm hoping I am even more successful this year than I was when reading my 2006 NY resolutions list. (Pretty darn successful year that was)

I hope you all have an amazing 2009. The bad will come but the good shall outweigh.