Friday, October 30, 2009

I've finally done it

I'm booked in for a small "procedure" to have this nasty little son of a bitch removed from my arm. It's something I have wanted to do for over 12 months and I have wussed out everytime. I am not posting the removal photos here until AFTER I get it out because I already made the mistake of googling that once before and I do not need more to freak me out. I am already crapping my pants enough.
It's come time now that the damn thing has expired. And it's causing havok! I'm not sure if it's responsible for the weight status at the moment but it's sure as hell responsible for the fact that Aunt Flo has come and gone a bagillion times in the last 6 or so weeks.
I'm NOT looking forward to the return of monthly visits. I generally end up sick for days beforehand, & during, vomitting and SEVERE cramps that have put me in hospital before. However I'm not interested in putting contrceptive rubbish in my body anymore either. This may change after my first "real" un implanon supported visit but for now this is my stance.
I started putting weight on when I had the implanon inserted. And it's been a hard slog to get it off. PLUS I'm not going through the removal nastiness and freakouts again.
Let's see if I make it to my appointment on Tuesday night. Are there any bets?

Fat-astic Friday

Well how are you all?

I have been quiet of late. It's all due to me doing more facebooking, working and various other activities than blogging. I have made it a goal of mine to return to weekly blogging at a minimum and there is someone who promised to keep me accountable. (Hi Nicky!)

I've started a new challenge over at We Are Slimming which I have mentioned a thousand times before but will mention again because I know you aren't all readers / members of We Are Slimming yet and if you are looking to lose weight then you should be!

On our last challenge I tried to minimilise my goals and ended up not acheiving a single one of them (after blitzing the challenge prior) so I have gone back to a mighty long list of goals.
♥ Lose 5kg (Be 103kg or under)
♥ Report in every week on WAS
♥ Blog at least once a week
♥ Reduce Snacking
♥ Track all food
♥ Swim Weekly minimum
♥ Improve on laps per half hour (currently 24)
♥ Start Power plate training
♥ Drink water daily
♥ Remove Implanon
♥ Move more everyday
♥ Beat Ali

The goals were set Wednesday last week and this is the first blog post so I am really going to have to move my butt if I am going to make this challenge work for me. Actually reposting this was a good idea cause I was religiously tracking my food (for the first time in my life) when I set this goal and then my computer died and my tracking (which was in my phone) was erased when I synced my phone the next time. So I cracked it and stopped tracking (oops)

Maybe I should print these goals for myself so I can read them everyday. This is one of the things that I found was a huge help to me when doing Body - For - Life. I would read over every goal morning and night. And "touch base" with myself and my progress every day.

Oh I also had a mad cool chart that I used to use that got coloured in when I did something right. That chart was so motivating! I always wanted my colours up there.

So I started the challenge on Wednesday 21st at 108kg. And I weighed in this week at 108.1kg

Starting waist measurement is 111cm. Which is impressive when you think about it, because when I got engaged I had a waist measurement of 131cm! So I'm hovering at just under 20kg gone but 20cm gone from my belly!

I'm getting really peeved with the whole thing though as I've stalled, and stayed put for SO LONG! It's so frustrating that I know something has to change but I'm really, just a bit lost.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jadey in Pictures

1) The remainder of a Zucchini, Tomato, Pumpkin & Herb Riggatoni. - pumpkin pushed aside (vomit) 2) Lamb & Spinach Curry (whats with the good airline food?) 3) WTF? A book on Twitter, tweets etc. 4) Special K chocolatey flakes contains 1.2 serves - WTF are you going to do with .2 of a serve? 5) Monty stickered up for the ATC 6) Yeah They're Real - Jadey modelling her Avenue Q T Shirt 7) Lemon Pepper Tuna - finally one I can eat 8) Abseiling window washer outside my Bondi Office 9) Winnie the Pooh Doona Cover - reliving those teenage years.



Have you ever noticed those people who look super lean from head to toe, but have a weird little belly? Chances are it could be to do with their digestive health.

Being healthy is misunderstood these days. Health is all about taking responsibility for ALL areas of your life. Here are the tips I use with my clients, to help them achieve a whole new level of good health.

If it is white, don't eat it! The four white devils are white flour, white sugar, white salt and pasteurisation and homogenisation milk products. If dairy is a necessity and you can't get hold of raw dairy, choose certified organic as your second choice. For those who are lactose sensitive, full fat cream is very low in lactose.

If you can't pronounce a word on a label, do not eat it. Your liver won't like it!

The longer the shelf life, the more harmful it is likely to be to your body!

Choose products and meats in this order:
Certified organic produce and free range meats
Organic produce and organic meat
Locally farmed produce and locally farmed free range meat
Commercial produce and commercial hormone free meat
Commercial meat

Always season foods and water with 100 per cent unprocessed sea salt. The best is Celtic, followed by sea salt from New Zealand, because there is less heavy metal toxicity there.

The minimum amount of water you should drink each day can be calculated by multiplying your body weight (kg) by 0.033. This gives you the amount of water (L) that you should consume per day. Remember, nothing substitutes for water, not tea, not juice, not beer – nothing! Always choose top selling brands such as Evian, Fiji, Trinity and Volvic because they sell the fastest and, therefore, have the least exposure to plastic bottles. The most health-giving waters have a hardness factor of 170 mg/L or greater and a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of 300 or greater. Adding a pinch of sea salt to water is recommended to replace electrolytes. Additionally, it will harden otherwise good but soft waters and will significantly increase the TDS.

Follow the 80/20 rule. If you live healthily 80 per cent of the time, you can absorb the other 20 per cent.

Get to bed by 10pm and sleep until 6am minimum. The body (physical) repairs itself from 10pm to 2pm, while the mind (mental) repairs itself from 2pm to 6am.

After years of living an unhealthy lifestyle it will take a bit of time to repair the damage so you need to be patient and realise that this is a long-term endeavour, rather than something that will change overnight. Depending on how toxic your body is you might experience a number of reactions from eating proper food, which could include weight gain, weight loss, enhanced mood, increased energy and vitality.

When your foundation is established, there are other areas as well that can be looked into such as your digestive health, hormones, adrenal glands, amino acids, to name a few. In conjunction with the guidelines above you can start with the Gut Healing Program. If we eat all of these great foods and take all of these high-end supplements but have a gut dysfunction (low SIgA, parasites, fungus, bacteria, dysbiosis, etc), then what we eat will not have its benefits. The gut healing program consists of the following and should be done for a minimum of four weeks:
Remove caffeine, alcohol, refined sugars and processed foods and bad fats (all irritate and create inflammation in the gut).

Remove foods that you know you are sensitive to. It's worth getting a food intolerance test to find out.

Restore probiotics daily such using lactobacillus acidophilus/bifidus.

Repair with healthy fats such as fish oils and nut oils.

Eat whole foods, unprocessed, lightly cooked and organic wherever possible.

Remove antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin and tylenol.

Be aware that many other medications affect the GI tract(i.e., osteoporsis mediations, antidepressants, acid reduction medications).

Repair with herbs such as garlic, aloe vera, oil of oregano, and turmeric, nutrients such as L-glutamine, quercitin, fish oils, as well as specifically formulated low antigen medical foods to help promote healing.

You now have the healthy, natural tools that will help rekindle your health and save you a truckload of money on those vitamins and pills, and right now we all know how important it is to save money!

Article by Blake Worrall-Thompson. Blake's fitness industry experience and knowledge is outstanding having worked in an elite personal training studio in London along with owning and running his own bootcamp and holding management roles within Fitness First. He is the director and owner of Raw Solutions, which is an international mentoring and coaching program for those in the health and fitness industry looking to get the edge over others in the industry. Along with being the director and owner of Ministry of Wellbeing the corporate health and fitness program aimed at improving each company's productivity and health. Blake is also the author of the best selling book 'Switched on Health & Wellbeing Professionals' and is a regular contributor to a number of publications including Fitness First and the Network magazine.

I thought this was a really interesting article. It has some great sound advice. Am I willing to take it all on board right now? Nope. But I thought it was good enough to share with others and I can take parts of it on board and perhaps move forward like that. As they say Progress not Perfection.

Every month Fitness First sends out a free newsletter with interesting articles like this one which you can subscribe to on their website.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I have been a bad blogger. And we all know what that means.....

I haven't been losing weight.


Ok so what can I say. I think I know exactly whats going on with the whole weightloss thing but I'm not entirely sure. You see I have the Implanon (contraceptive implant) in my arm and it expires on the 10th of October. In the last few weeks all of a sudden I have had my period a few times. I don't norrmally ever get it so this has been uncomfortable, annoying, nauseating, painful and I think weighty!

I'm not 100% sure that's the reason though. We'll see.

I'm still working in head office but there might be some changes to my role on the way. I'm not 100% sure about it all yet but can let you know more as I do.

Tupperware has been great - ATM I am fundraising for National Breast Cancer Foundation which is keeping me busy and sales have been great. Can I encourage you to hold a party this month (You get the gifts I'll make the donation) or at least put in an order with me for your Tupper needs in October so that we can raise as much money for NBCF as possible.

Jason and I are both doing well. I have a little ticker that tells me we are 1 Year 5 Months and 2 Days away from the wedding. And I am completely unorganised! I have only made decisions on a couple of things. BUT I am narrowing the reception venue. Unfortunately I also haven't saved a cent yet so that means I don't have the deposit. But at least making a decision would be a start.

What I do know so far:~

Ceremony Location
Bridal Party

I have discovered that wedding planning would be so much more fun IF I was spending someone else's money LOL

Jase and I haven't managed to get out to Avenue Q yet. I think we are booking tickets for later this week but it's all in his very capable hands.

We looked into heading to the movies today for a Gold Class session but there's nothing on we really want to see. (So still haven't used that reward) And at some stage I need to go have my massage too. I am sooo freaking stiff and I've been saying I need a massage for over a year, I have even had a voucher to go and get one since December last year and not used it. It's my own fault. I need to make the time for these things.

I am trying to catch up on blogs etc - It's not the easiest thing to do and I fear I am going to need to cull my subscriptions. I don't know how though. Do I cull to the ones that comment here? What do I do?

I can't believe how busy life is about to become here. It's the long weekend this weekend and we don't have many plans. I barrack for the Storm and the Eels. So whoever wins tomorrow I win. But if Storm wins Jason may be unbearable to live with so I am more going for the Eels.

Next weekend I am heading to Melbourne. Except I screwed up my flights so I'll be there Sunday (was supposed to be friday night) then out monday.

The following weekend I have a wedding to go to and a girlfriend up from Melbourne. The one after that another wedding.

It's very very full on!

The weather had been FABULOUS until today when all of a sudden it was Winter. And I have frozen my butt off.

I'm rambling now so I'll leave it here. I hope you are all great.