Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Where Are You??"

Oops sorry I spend so much time at work when I get online I have hardly any time to read anyone else's blog let alone blog about my own boring life.

Well where do we start?

I finished January in style at work coming 3rd highest sales girl in the southern states Boo Yeah! (we measure WA, SA and VIC together) But then I had to back it up again in February. So I did and came 6th. I went for a promotion and got passed over this time but told that I was what she wanted but I needed to prove something to her and I would be the next obvious choice. Very very upsetting and depressing but I have mostly managed the brave face and all smiles and happiness at work. It's all about keeping the right attitude.

I still don't have my food issues under control but I'm working on it bit by bit. I have started journalling. Trying to figure out where I go off track. Only started on Feb 25th but I am jotting down ALOT! Wake Times, Bed Times, Weight, Food, Traning results, Conversations with people, feelings, dreams, events. to do lists etc etc etc.

So far I've noticed lack of sleep and stress are big triggers. Working long hours leads to me being to tired or too lazy to prepare food also. I need 2 days off a week just to recharge plus a day to get organized but instead I have had 8 days off this year.

Forever chasing the next new member.

We had family and friends memberships for February which I have had extended to March 17th. If anyone is interested in a $12.95 a week membership you can come to me. No matter where you are in Australia I can help. (see always at work)

Got my eyes tested yesterday and I was even selling to the girl at the optometrist. Sold a girl a membership on my lunch break at GNC (I went in to buy a new shaker) Crazy!

Talking about such thanks so much to Ails for her help with my new glasses. They should arrive in a week.

Aren't they totally sexy? I'm also thinking of buying these ones when my health insurance kicks in. Cause I actually flipped a coin between these two to make my purchase LMAO. Plus I have found this place called Vision Direct. I bought my glasses for $300 including lenses coatings AND postage. RRP on the frames is about $500. The D&G where $580 at OPSM. I'll pay $100 in total after my health insurance gives me $200 back for the D&G.

Now I'll let you know how I go with them but these are serious bargains! I cannot believe the mark ups we are paying on glasses purchased in the store. They were going to charge me $181 for lenses only (without the anti glare and scratchproofing etc) And this place charges $55 with the lot!

My eyes have dropped off quite a bit since my last test (1999) so my old glasses wouldn't be helping much even if I was wearing them. (I haven't worn them in about 3 or 4 years.) I'm lucky my sight still isn't considered BAD just not good. LMAO

What else is going on??? Hrmmm I've been up to 116.8kgs and I'm currently at 114.8kgs. Which is ok. I'm working on my issues and getting there. People have commented that I'm getting skinnier and I've noticed less back fat and I think my tummy is a bit smaller. So even though I'm not losing heaps of weight my training is paying off in size. My face is also fairly clear (compared to a couple of posts ago)

Jase will be here Good friday for easternats at Sandown and then we are off to Monnie's wedding in Perth the weekend after that so I am looking forward to seeing him in 15 more sleeps. Plus he'll be bringing down my new toy for me.

Isn't it cute as a button! I have wanted a pink laptop since I first new they existed. I think it was Ails who was the first blogger to buy one and I immediately had to have it. I have had to wait my turn but I finally got one. It's in Sydney though with Jase so I will just have to wait until he comes down here.

And for doing such a good job at work the boss is buying me one of these to match.

Plus I also won some Gold Class tickets in a competition at work.

I'm SO looking forward to going to see Hughsey next month too. I want to see more and more comedy festival shows too. Anyone interested in the comedy festival gala? Only downside $110 for tickets.