Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Precision Nutrition

Well it all kicked off today officially. Yeah yeah I know it's the 25th today but I never took into account the time differences did I! So the first daily lesson / homework task / assignment thingy was so simple it was all about introducing yourself and letting them know your 3 top goals. My biggest trouble was keeping it short enough that you didn't have to print and bind just to follow.

And 3 goals? OMG I went from 3 is too much to Only 3? To which 3?

Ah well. I am really excited about this program and I am sure you will hear endless endless follow ups from me about it. I'm sure it's going to get harder :p

In preparation I have gone and had my DEXA scan done. That was so depressing! Jarrod bought up my last scans for comparison. They were supposed to be going in reverse not gaining weight. Bah. I've ought out a GP for myself (Jason's GP) and also had my blood tests done. (more on that later) I have taken my before photos. (So not posting them here until I have comparisons cause it's just too depressing)

I need to go shopping and do a bit of a cook up. I think I'll follow the quick start in the book and go from there. There's a few appliances I could use but since I am short alot of cash they can wait. But not too long. I know!

Dear Santa,

Can I please have.......

Oh wait, do I need to give Santa an invite to my blog or is it more automatic cause he's so magical and stuff?

I got this image from Organized Doodles blog a little while ago and although I thought there wasn't long until Christmas and Oh how it had sneaked up I am still somewhat suprised at how close it is! But I love this pic! Check out his blog he's very talented.

Last weekend was the NSW Dutton Rally - the final for the year and always heaps of fun. unfortunately something hit me Friday morning very suddenly I stopped breathing for about 30 seconds then went into fits of coughs then about 5 minuteslater stopped again and followed by a tight chest and heaps of coughs. Seems I had an allergic reaction to something and I am so greatful to the Medical team that was at the track you have no idea how scary that sort of thing is. The guys and girls at race solutions are highly trained medicos. I often watch medical emergency just to see them on tv at their "other job" haha.

I had another minor turn last night where I ended up in emergency and so my trip to the doctor wasn't to be delayed any further. While I was at my GP today I got him to include my other neccessary blood tests along with the ones he wanted to do . I hate needles but the girl at the pathology was amazing. Didn't hurt one bit!

So I have had today off work to get all that sorted out and now I am looking forward to kicking into Precision Nutrition with gusto!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Big photo Post Ahead!

So it's been a long time AGAIN! I just have to admit to not being good at frequent updates. I always think I have nothing to write about until I start looking at recent photos and thinking about what really has been happening and what I can write.

Ah well I'm here now with a massive photo post so I hope you guys are all on some form of broadband internet :p

Since we last caught up I played dress ups for an Open Day at work which we called "Armageddon To The Gym" It was the last day for one of our more popular deals tha we wont have back this year so we played it up a bit.

Don't ya just LOVE my hair - you might recognise the style from my last post which is where I got the idea. No product, no effort whatsoever just wash, sleep and go to work. Almost the same goes for my eyes. I just layered on thick thick eyeliner and went to bed and woke up like this.

The first photo is James and I. James is one of the Membership Consultants that works for me. He's a great kid, 18 years old. And does the voice of the Joker from the latest Batman movie perfectly. Yes the Heath Ledger Joker! It's truly freaky so we had to give him Joker make up.

This next photo is Laura and I. Laura is my immediate superior. The Club General Manager. She's a Mayven Raven in this photo. A PVC dress with feather trims. We're not the most compatible team and that's all I'm saying about that right now.

A nice close up selfy of me. A bi freaky huh!

After all that fun and merriment a friend of mine has come up to visit me from Melbourne. His name is Jack and he was one of the Membership Consultants I worked with at Bayside until February this year. He's moved on to Tarocash now and really doing well. It also doesn't interfere with what he really wants in life which is to grow his Network 21 / Amway business. He's very pasionate about it and doing well.

He was up here for a conference and stayed the rest of the week to visit with me. I put him up in our spare room and spent most of my time at work so he came to visit often for workouts.

In this photo it was about 10:30pm and I'd been here at work since 7:45am but one of our receptionists got sick and I couldn't get anyone else in to look after the club. So Jack and Jason came down to the club with some dinner for me.

I did take the Thursday off work though so I took Jack for a quicky tour of the area. We started off with Brekky at Dunes in Palm Beach.

Palm beach is where Home and Away is filmed. We were hoping to catch them on a shooting day but I still haven't managed it despite my million and one visits there.

From there we set off back down the peninsula. A need to use the ladies and a bit of a thirst saw us stopping at the Mona Vale Hotel for a drink in their beer garden. I have some photos somewhere but God knows where! It's an amazing pub.

We moved on from the Mona Vale and into Manly wher we cruised the Corso for a bit then jumped on a Ferry into the city.

The original plan was to head over to Darling Harbour and jump on a water taxi for a tour of Sydney Harbour. But then we saw the jet boats and a simple tour just wasn't going to cut it anymore.

At first we jumped into a different companies jet boat tour than this one but unfortunately their boat broke down on us twice. So I got on the phone to Jase and asked him to find us another jet boat company. So he did and eventually we went with this mob.

The guy with the camera got us both into these water proof ponchos. Ready for the ride ahead. Let me tell you these things are a steam room on a hot day! It's all ok when the boat starts moving though.

Then before the boat pulled away they took a bit of a group shot. Check out the driver he looks like Iceman!

The next half hour was filled with screams and laughter. I had an absolute ball and so did Jack. We were so wet but the people in front of us had actually decided to forgo the poncho and were alot more uncomfortable.

This is definitely something I would LOVE to do again and again. See the after photo below. Jadey with curly hair. If only it would stay nice like this.

Being Jack's last night we thought it best we should pop down to Manly and drop into one of the trendy little bars for a couple of cocktails. This one I'm holding sounded so good and turned out to be a fancily naked Caprioska. Luckily enough I lile caprioskas.

I was so sad to see Jack leave. We always have so much fun and so many laughs.

Friday night James (as seen in photos above) and I went to see Billy Elliot at the Capitol theatre. It's a musical that has now closed. Until recently apart from one show (42nd Street) I saw in year 7, I hadn't been to see any live shows. Then I got the free tickets to Priscilla from the boss and now Billy Elliot.

I loved Priscilla for it's comedy and laughs. But Billy Elliot was fantastic for the stage and emotion. And the acrobatics was brilliant. The kid we saw play Billy (There's a few of them) was really talented in this area.

Anyway James was really happy in the end which was great. He's seen it 8 or so times!

Things at work have been travelling along OK. I lost my newest Membership Consultant and my Oldest Membership Consultant in the past couple of weeks. So I have gone from 4 staff members and looking for a fifth to 2!

Eek! Do you know anyone looking for a sales job in such a great industry? Give them this link! http://www.bfound.net/detail.aspx?jobId=69155&CoId=208&rq=1

Apply for Willoughby :-)

And finally in other news I have taken a massive plunge. After reading about it on Skwiggs blog and signing up to the email newsletter thingys awhile back I was prompted to buy the Precision Nutrition Series and Gourmet Nutrtion vol 2. Afew months ago. Of course I was so excited when my package arrived and I pulled it out of the box and I freaked out and put it in another box ready to move to Sydney without reading a single page.

Then I started thinking about how badly I needed help with my nutrition. I mean exercise has been and will continue to be a challenge for me so what else can I do? And everyone keeps saying that the most important part of any weight loss program is the nutrition.

"Jadey it's 80% nutrition you know!"

Then got an email asking if I wanted to go on the waiting list for the Lean Eating Coaching For Women group which was due to open soon and I thought. Hell why not!

Then I got the email saying that they were taking people on and now was my chance thanks to the fact that I was on the waiting list. Well I thought about it for a bit because it's not cheap. Especially thanks to the fact that the Australian Dollar is almost worth wiping your butt on at the moment due to it's value. But after thinking about it. If I was to hire myself a nurtritionist for the same monthly price I would probably only get to spend an hour a month with them and this is DAILY coaching so I'm very excited!

It all starts on November 24th and goes for 6 months. To be honest it can't start soon enough for me. I am booked in with Jarrod ( www.bodycomposition.com ) for a Dexa scan on the 24th so I have a really accurate starting point. I'm not looking forward to that part. I have jumped on the scales and it's a very depressing view point. So are my before photos.

The before photos posted 2 years ago when I first started trying to lose this weight (when initially I had so much success!) Were taken after losing quite a bit of weight at about 110kgs and I am SIGNIFICANTLY bigger than that right now. Enough to make me cry.

But onwards and upwards to better things hey!

Fingers crossed for me!