Monday, June 22, 2009

49 / 84 Back To Work

4 months goes so quickly and so slowly all at once. Today I'm returning to work after almost 4 months off work. It's a daunting feeling actually. I haven't been there for so long that it feels so weird.

I have a meeting this morning with my
Manager and my regional manager this morning to discuss how things will work since I basically have to remain seated etc while at work. I'm not entirely sure how this is going to go.

I arrived at work 45 minutes early so I'm in the car blogging on the iPhone which is ao much better since the upgraded software has come through with cut and paste options.

But seriously I wasn't sure on travel time anymore sometimes 10 minutes sometimes 45 dependant on traffic and I figured a wet Monday morning I'd err on the side of caution. Of course it took 10 minutes!

Wish me luck!


Start Weight:~ 126.9 kgs
Goal Weight:~ 64 kgs
Current Weight:~ 117.4 kgs
Weight Lost:~ 9.5 kgs
% Weight Lost:~ 7.5%
Weight to Goal:~ 53.4 kgs

Yay that's down another 2.2kg! So I have made up for last weeks gain and more!

Last Weeks Goals

FOOD 1:~ Cook healthy meals ~ yup
FOOD 2:~ Ensure smaller portion sizes are consumed ~ yup

EXERCISE 1:~ Continue to move a little everyday ~ most days
EXERCISE 2:~ Get myself to the Physio ~ yup

OTHER 1:~ Finish Unpacking ~ nope
OTHER 2:~Clean Out Bathroom ~ nope
OTHER 3:~Catch up with Megan for Lunch ~ yay finally I did
OTHER 4:~Finish mailing out catalogues ~ yup
OTHER 5:~Date 2 Tupperware parties ~ nope I think I need to concentrate on this when I'm on my feet


FOOD 1:~ Cook and portion healthy meals
FOOD 2:~ Increase water intake

EXERCISE:~ Ride bike for 5-10 mins everyday as per physio

OTHER:~ Unpack books to shelf

Not too much on the list this week. I reckon returning to work will knock me around a little so I won't push things with my goals.

Monday, June 15, 2009

42/84 - A TupperChick and A Bride 2 Be

Hey all!

Well what a big weekend that was! Friday night I was so happy to catch up with some of the blogger girls from Sydney. It was great to see Margaret again and catch up with Simmo but it was also great to meet Jodie, Chantel, Krissie, Cath and Sam.

We had a brilliant dinner and I split a share with Simmo. We both ordered a main and had half each. One was Blakeys Beef which was an amazing garlic and something marinated diced sirloin steak and the other was a beautiful spicy salt whitebaits. Both soo yummy.

Jason was sooo good to bring me into the city and pick me up. I love that man. (Warm fuzzies)

Saturday was my Tupperware Announcement party. It was my official "open for business" I suppose. In preparation I made way too much food but somehow it all got eaten. We had such a good time as my manager Annika came and did a basic demo for us. Thanks so much to Loz, Carissa and of course the fabulous Margaret for coming along and for helping me get off the ground with my new business.

From there we went straight out to a birthday party for another friend. Anne is such a beautiful person I was so happy to help her celebrate her birthday and we had a fun night.

Sunday morning I met Loz down at Luna Park for the Sydney Bridal Expo. It was at the crystal palace which I love as an idea for a wedding reception venue. But I'm not sure it's doable. Plenty of time to make decisions yet. I just discovered they had more exhibitions upstairs that we didn't know was there. We just th0ught it was the fashion show. Ah wells.

Honestly Lozza is the bestest best friend one could hope for. She gave up her Sunday morning sleep in and dragged herself into Luna Park to support me. Then she carried SOOO MUCH stuff for me while we had a look around. Honestly there must of been 10kg or so of magazines alone. I love you Lozza!

Then I rushed off from there to Cronulla and Trish's baby shower. She is 30 / 31 weeks and looks FABULOUS! She is such an adorable girl and I was so happy to get together with her and meet some of her friends. The lunch was really yummy! I skipped dessert (I reckon I should of stayed) But I was keen to get to the Pittwater Annual Bridal Expo.

I needn't have bothered rushing. It was actually quite small and uninspiring. All I know now is that I don't want my wedding reception there. But I suppose at least I do know that. Oh and I have amazing blisters on my hands from the crutches LOL.

Then Jason and I sat down to a movie last night. We watched a real tear jerker called Taking Chance. It's about an officer who requests to take a PFC from his home town back to the family after he is killed in action in Iraq. It is based on a true story about this 20 y.o PFC. I cried and cried and cried some more. Highly Highly recommended.

Today has been nice. I needed a day of doing nothing so that's what I've done. I'm in bed with my tupperware catalogues and information, my bridal magazines and my laptop. I did create a fan page for my tupperware business called My Tupperware Lady on facebook. And 12 people have joined already so they must be Tupperfans like me. Feel free to join my page. It's fairly bare right now but I am sure I will be able to build it given some time.

I really need some hosts for parties right now. In order to get started I need to have 4 - 6 parties booked in a matter of weeks. If you can host a party for me please let me know. It can be yourself and 3 or 4 mates or a whole bunch of people doesn't matter! There's FREE Tupperware for you too! Hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth so it's a well rewarded exercise.

There are lots of fun parties to be had. Cockatail Parties, Taste of Tupperware, Chocoholics parties etc.

OK now the official stats etc. I so don't want to share. I feel like a damn Yoyo!

Height:~ 168 cms
Start Weight:~ 126.9 kgs
Goal Weight:~ 64 kgs
Current Weight:~ 119.6 kgs
Weight Lost:~ 7.3 kgs
% Weight Lost:~ 5.8%
Weight to Goal:~ 55.6 kgs
That's a gain of 700 grams this week! I don't get it so much.

As for last weeks goals

FOOD 1:~ Continue to cook healthy meals ~ I think I slipped on this this week.
FOOD 2:~ Ensure smaller portion sizes are consumed ~ Nope

EXERCISE 1:~ Continue to move a little everyday ~ Have been a very busy girl this past week EXERCISE 2:~ Get myself to the Physio ~ Nope Oops!
OTHER 1:~ Clean out pantry and fridge ~ Yes they are sooo neat and pretty
OTHER 2:~Sort Cupboards ~ Yes, the whole kitchen got a mini makeover
OTHER 3:~Finish unpacking ~ Nope Eeek
OTHER 4:~Mail out some catalogues to those that wanted them ~ Need to send a few more. Must go shopping for envelopes


FOOD 1:~ Cook healthy meals

FOOD 2:~ Ensure smaller portion sizes are consumed

EXERCISE 1:~ Continue to move a little everyday
EXERCISE 2:~ Get myself to the Physio

OTHER 1:~ Finish Unpacking
OTHER 2:~Clean Out Bathroom
OTHER 3:~Catch up with Megan for Lunch
OTHER 4:~Finish mailing out catalogues
OTHER 5:~Date 2 Tupperware parties

Thursday, June 11, 2009

38 / 84

I haven't blogged properly for awhile and I apologise about that. I have been trying to get my life back together in my house in Sydney. It's not easy to have a life in two different places and only others that have left family in other states or countries would understand what I mean. I am so close to my parents that it kills me to not be near them.

So I arrived home nearly a couple of weeks ago now. I made it up and down the stairs (with my crutches) I did think that I would be sleeping on the blow up bed in the lounge room for awhile there.

I hadn't mentioned on my blog that there was some MAJOR nastiness here before I left between the Mother in Law and I. Enough that Jason was very horrified and stopped speaking to her for quite some time. I was NOT looking forward to returning to the scene of the crime so to speak. While I will never forget what was said, (It was a totally one sided attack against me the day after the proposal I overheard her speaking to someone else) I was happy to completely ignore her if she would ignore me.

She is apparently very upset about what she said and has ignored it completely and been really rather nice to me. I forgive, but won't forget and I have been really nice in return. Ah wells. The life huh!

We have a TV room upstairs which tends to be my domain and I leave the TV in the living room to the MIL's viewing (It's almost permanently fixed to the Lifestyle Food channel). The TV upstairs also has the foxtel IQ since I only seem to watch shows that collide with each other and I only like to watch them once they are recorded. (yes I am a fussy bitch LOL)

Well of course I blew up the TV didn't I! I was only in there for a day or two! :( We've known it's been going for a little while because the picture tube would scream if it had been on awhile. I thought when it did blow simple! I would re do the room and get a big flat screen in there. The reality is when you haven't worked for 4 months the flat screen is not an attainable item. (Bugger)

I have RGB cables running from there to my TV in the bedroom and I'm going backwards and forwards to set my recordings, change channel, watch recordings etc. I think it's great exercise LOL.

Talking about exercise the weight has been coming off. It's no speedy process that's for sure but it is dropping. I'm now 8kg down overall and 6kg down since the start of the challenge 38 days ago.

I would love to take Storm for walks now that I am home but I have no chance of doing so. I worry because she no longer has the full on contact she used to at Mum's and Dad's. There she lives inside 100% of the time and is smothered by Trigger (my brothers dog) for attention and playtime. Here she isn't allowed to step a foot in the door and I can't play much with her. Nothing super active anyway. I tend to sit on the retaining wall and cuddle and pat her. But it's never enough.

I would love to have a scooter again so I can go around the block with her. She has lost weight too and I worry about her putting weight back on. She needs to get a little more off if anything.

I am busily planning my Tupperware announcement party which is on Saturday. If you are in Sydney and would like to come please let me know and I'll give you the details. I would LOVE your support. If you can't make it I can mail a catalogue to anywhere. There are some awesome deals on this month. OR you could host a party and pick up HEAPS of FREE Tupperware. What more could a girl ask for??

Actually I would LOVE it if anyone could host a party for me. I have to do 6 parties to help me get on my feet and also to pay for my kit. I expect once those are done I should be able to start getting out there on my own but the start is always nerve wracking and I would SOOO love to do it with friends than start demonstrating at a strangers house.

I am hopefully heading back to work next week! I have gotten my doctor to write a report for work so I can get back without causing myself any damage. But work has so far said they think that it's going to be tricky. ARGGHHH. I do hope that they let me come back. Not only do I need the cash I need to work again! I need to get my life back on track. Although I plan for it to have a few changes.

I haven't had the opportunity to go wedding "shopping" yet. The first plan is to find a place to hold our engagement party. So I might start getting onto that in the next few days. Apparently the hotel around the corner from us has just been rebuilt - Jason and his Mum were the licensee's there many many moons ago. I'll check that out. In the 8 years I have lived here we have never even gone there for a drink or a counter meal or anything. I think that's weird! I also think I might check out the local RSL's and there's a workers club or something around too. Normally places like that are good for cheap food and drink and room hire etc.

Life has been abnormally busy since coming home. I am normally the girl you can find on the couch at home most nights and at work during the days (and most nights LOL) But it's been great since I got back. I'm hardly ever here. And I'm hardly ever alone. I'm not generally a person that likes being alone.

Last weekend I went the big chop! I had shoulder length hair and last time I coloured it I loved the colour. So I kept the colour (well re coloured it the same) And tried to go for the Posh Bob or Pob. I can't do the back quite the same because I have ridiculously thick hair and I was sooo nervous when she was chopping away at it but I love it! I love the way it frames my face. I love the colour and I love that I can now wash and dry and straighten it myself. Not as well as the hairdresser did but still I can do it! I have never been able to do my own hair. It's a nightmare.

I do want to chemically straighten my hair though. However it's damn expensive so that is on the rewards list.

After we (Loz came with me and had her hair done too) left the hairdresser we headed off to see Pinks opening Sydney show. I have never ever been to a concert before. I have a MAJOR fear of crowds so I made it to the ripe old age of 28 before gaining the courage to go to a concert and I am SOOO glad I did. Lozza bought me the ticket for my birthday. We got in early so I could get in on the crutches without too much fuss. We had seats - not just any seats but the BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE!

Faker was below average. I was soooo bored. Everyone around us was saying "ok great finish now" after every song.

When they did get off stage the crowds danced more to the recorded music than to Faker. That's a sad state of affairs.

By the time she started I was screaming (like so many others) I thought I had busted my vocal cords I screamed so loud! My hands were red from all the clapping. What a show! Honestly you hear so many stories about how good this woman is as an entertainer and nothing will do her justice. I would love to go again and again and even without money my heart skipped a beat when I heard she'd released 2 more shows. The costumes. The singing. The dancing. The acrobatics! OH MY OH MY. No words.

BUY TICKETS PEOPLE! GO SEE PINK IN CONCERT!!!! You will not regret it ever.

Sunday night we had a small dinner party type thing with some of my closest friends. Loz and her hubby Jon, Simmo and her hubby Rob and Carissa and her fiance Nick. We decided on a Mexican theme and everyone bought a dish (or two or 3!) The margaritas flowed. The food was awesome and most of all the friendship we all share makes for an awesome night.

My friends are sooo important to me and I am grateful to every single one of them. I have never had heaps of friends but the ones I do have I love with all my heart.

Tomorrow I am lucky enough to be catching up with some more of them at the Sydney blogger dinner. (Did we miss anyone? Drop me a line for the details) And there's a few people who will be there that I haven't met before too so a chance to make new friends as well.

Sunday I am going to try and do a run through of a bridal expo at Luna Park before another girlfriends baby shower. I am so excited because I love the idea of the harbour and the lights etc. I'm not sure if it's doable or not but they have never had a wedding expo there before so I don't want to miss it. Esp if it turns out to be "the place" you know.

Now my girlfriend having the baby shower. She hasn't found out the sex of the baby. But she has asked that we bring our favourite childhood book and I would love your feedback! Is Black Beauty a unisex book? My favourite book as a child was black beauty's family. It detailed their lives. Was about 600 pages but I still treasure that book and it's a hardcover so if I find it I was thinking that's the one. But then I keep thinking it may be girlly. I dunno. I am so excited for her. She is 30 weeks now and such an amazing girl. I'm sooo clucky! LOL

After that if I get back in time I will run through the northern beaches wedding expo. Their once a year thing is on this Sunday too! And since it will have all the local suppliers (I'll be getting married on the northern beaches) I really need to check all that out too.

Then maybe after that I will finally get to drag Jason out to the movies. I have la premiere tickets that Carissa and Nick gave me for my birthday we still haven't used and I want to go see The Hangover, it looks funny!

Full day huh!

Anyway I have babbled on enough. The weigh in and goals were set on Monday by the way. Wish me luck!





TOTAL LOSS:~ 8 kg / 6.3%


FOOD 1:~ Continue to cook healthy meals

FOOD 2:~ Ensure smaller portion sizes are consumed

EXERCISE 1:~ Continue to move a little everyday

EXERCISE 2:~ Get myself to the Physio

OTHER 1:~ Clean out pantry and fridge

OTHER 2:~ Sort Cupboards

OTHER 3:~ Finish unpacking

OTHER 4:~ Mail out some catalogues to those that want them

Monday, June 8, 2009

50 quickies

1.) 5 things you’re addicted to:-
Coke, Chocolate, Chips, Friends, Family (Well I can't live without them)

2.) Something you always seem to crave:-

3.) Are you good at wrapping gifts?-
Yeah you got the wrong person here.

4.) Favorite thing to do at the park:-
Hrm scariest ride at the theme park.

5.) Where in the swimming pool do you usually find yourself at:-
In the lap lane swimming swimming (until I hit the spa haha)

6.) Favorite thing to do at the beach:-
Look at it

7.) Most embarrassing moment:-
Cola Sunnyboy running out of my nose when I laughed at a new school

8.) What do you love to do when you’re alone?-
TV, Internet, Music

9.) Hail, Rain or Snow?-

10.) How long do you take in the shower?-
Sometimes I am in and out as quickly as possible othertimes the hot water runs out.

11.) Worst part of your body?:-
My Butt

12.) Hamburger or Hotdog?:-

13.) Steak or Pork:-
Pork if roasted, Steak otherwise

14.) Turkey or Chicken:-
Either, they're both good.

15.) Your thoughts on Raisins:-
Errr Nope nothing.

16.) Favorite Disney Princess:-
Me! Ok so I'm not in Disney soooo, cinderella.

17.) Can you name all of Santa’s Reindeer?:-
Ruldolf, Donna, Blitzen, Dasher, Comet, and thats about it

18.) Name all of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs:-
Grumpy, Dopey, Sneezy, Happy, Doc and do you know the rest??? :P

19.) What is "Boxing Day"?:-
The day after Christmas and the only public holiday where ALL the shops are open and selling everything CHEAP. Shame I can never move that day and I'm way too broke haha

20.) If you could lose some weight, how much would you lose?:-
Oh half my body weight

21.) Your thoughts on Dora the Explorer and Diego:-

22.) Do you use Hand Sanitizer?:-

23.) Name the dirtiest place that we all touch:-

24.) What was the last thing you ate:-
Mexican Fried Bananas.

25.) Last movie you saw in theatres:-
Holy crap I only went a couple of weeks ago and I forget what movie I saw

26.) What are you wearing:-
Black T and Trackies

27.) Longest you’ve been sick:-
I've been off work sick for 3.5 months now - it's an injury does that count?

28.) Longest you’ve stayed up:-
Around 50 hours. It was hell.

29.) Favorite thing to eat/drink when sick:-
Icy poles - lemonade preferably. Sometimes bread and butter.

30.) Ever had an idea and later, you saw it somewhere else? And thought that you should have done something about it?:-
Yup and some of them are big money makers.

31.) If you could have only ONE vacation house, where would it be?:-
No idea - it would be great if I had travelled someplace

32.) Favorite place in your house:-
My bedroom - although I want the master bedroom! I just like that I have a place to hide and hibernate LoL

33.) Favorite thing to do when Shopping:-

34.) Something most people don’t know about you:-
This is a blog, don't you guys know everything already?

35.) One Good Thing About You:-
Can you please tell me one good thing about me??? Then you'll make me feel all fuzzy. Go on.

36.) One Bad thing about you:-
I'm a hoarder and I hate clutter - talk about fucked up

37.) Farthest you’ve driven to/ rode in a car:-
Frankston, VIC to Rainbow Beach, QLD

38.) Favorite Amusement Park:-
Dreamworld so far. I want to go to disneyland!!!!!

39.) Top 5 places you would like to visit:-
Disneyland, Thailand, Paris, Noumea, Fraser Island

40.) Favorite shade of nail polish:-

41.) How many kids do you want?
2 - 3

42.) New movie that you want to see:-
The proposal, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

43.) Hollywood Video, Blockbuster or Netflix?:-
Ok I only recognise blockbuster.

44.) Sleepovers?-
errrr wha?

45.) 5 of your girlfriends that you would like to get to know better:-
Lozza, Simmo, Carissa, Beckie,

46.) A good Friday night would consist of:-
Anything that involves my man, my friends and my family would tip me over the edge.

47.) Have a God son or God Daughter?:-

48.) How many times can you say "Pumpkin Spice" as fast as you can, without messing up?:-

49.) If you could be a certain age forever, what age would that be?:-
25, Mature enough to Cope with life, young enough to enjoy it.

50.) Any last words?:-
Yup - Don't forget to answer question 35 for me! xox