Saturday, December 6, 2008

Initial Measurements

Initial Measurement
Monday November 24th, 2008

Initial Photos

(Not sharing just yet maybe when we have some afters to show too)

Initial Measurements (Derived from DEXA scan)
Body Weight = 277lbs (125.5kg)
Lean body Mass = 128lbs (58kg)
Fat Mass = 150lbs (68kg)
Body Fat % = 53.9%

Neck = 14.8in (37.5cm)
Shoulders = 46in (117cm)
Chest = 47in (120cm)
Left Arm = 14.8in (37.5cm)
Right Arm = 15in (38cm)
Waist = 50.6in (128.5cm)
Hips = 56.9in (144.5cm)
Left Thigh = 29.7in (75.5cm)
Right Thigh = 29.5in (75cm)
Left Calf = 18.5in (47cm)
Right Calf = 18.5in (47cm)

Profile of Mood States Score
Tension-Anxiety = 13
Depression - Dejection = 8
Vigor = 9
Fatigue = 19
Confusion - Bewilderment = 7

Progression Questions

Q1: Please describe your body as you see it at the beginning of this course.

I really hate my body. It fails me continuously. I am plagued by injury and pain. I am HUGE! Clothes never fit me properly. I'm always struggling with keeping buttons done up and clothes in the right places etc (my shirts ride up and my pants down) I don't fit into places most people do like theatre seats, planes seats, I even get squiched into toilets especially those with sanitary bins and I had the worst experience of being jammed between one of those and a wall at our Parramatta club last week. I promote and sell health and fitness and yet I am the worst example ever.

Q2: Please describe your nutrition and exercise habits as you see them at the beginning of this course.

What habits? I work extremely long hours and I never have me time. My food is whatever is handy and quick at the time. Generally I eat most of my food from the cafe next to work. I skip meals alot because I just don't even have time to pop next door and get it or eat it. And when I get home at night I am too tired to cook and really don't feel like eating anyway.

Exercise is virtually non existant although I am catching up with a girlfriend once or twice a week generally for a half hour swim (22 - 25 laps) and a spa. I bought myself some cycle shoes so I can get involved in spin classes again without my plantar facsiitus playing up but my ankles really kick up a stink and I can't move the next day. Plus I seem to be working from 8am to 8, 9 o 10 pm most days anyway so I never get a chance to train.

Q3: Please describe how you'd like to see your body at the end of this course.

I want to shrink! I want to be more comfortable in the clothes I own and with what I do and where I go. I'm praying that my body becomes more co operative and that after my surgery (one ankle in March ish but other one will still need doing) I am moving around more easily and with a lot less pain.

I want to be able to show people that I am acheiving my weightloss and health goals too. I want to be the product I sell and promote to others.

Q4: Please describe how you'd like to see your nutrition and exercise habits at the end of this course.

I'd really like this to become natural to me. To crave the right kind of foods to eat well without having to constantly fight with myself over it.

I'd like to train no matter what and be comfortable again training in the club. I'd like to be able to move a lot easier and enjoy the success' I used to when training in the past. I want that addiction that "I must train because that's what I most want to do" feeling back again like I used to.

Again I want to be a perfect example of what I promote and sell.