Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Rant about Nails

There are no decent salons in the Sydney area. Or at least none near me. It's starting to really peeve me. take a look at these

Honestly they are terrible! Wide. Arches and C Curves, Flat and lifting. So bad in fact my pointer and middle finger had the acrylic totally replaced last week and the acrylic on my ring finger decided to pop off this evening. Thank the LORD I still had my nail underneath and I can paint a decent french nail.
I got so peeved I started talk to Jason about buying/setting up a salon. Someone else can run the damn thing but I want decent services! And I figure if they are provided to others it has to make money. (Hey Monnie wanna run a salon for me? LMAO)
Ah it's never going to happen but it's always nice to dream. Hey it might happen one day. I can't work for the man for the rest of my life and I'd like to own my own business. ATM the 2 wants are an amazing salon or a McDonalds. Yesssss!!! I know, I know! I am defiintely brilliant.
Don't think for one second that Tupperware will take a back seat! No way. I have too much fun with it to ever give it up.
Now I need to find a freaking decent nail tech. Arghh!

Friday, August 28, 2009

3 posts in 3 days??? Surely not!

Yup I'm here. I don't think I have much to say but if this works out as normal we'll figure that part out when I hit send :P

Thanks so much for commenting on my last post and my photos. It's always nerve wracking putting up fat photos. I usually post and wait for the kooks to come out. Thankfully that hasn't happened yet though so I'll continue to post my progress pics as I go.

The trick is being in the mood to strip off and have the photos done. You also need to have shaved your legs the same day and need a co operative partner. MIL has to have gone out or be in bed. It can't be too cold or you'll want to die and you need to be able to find the same clothes as last time, Or at least similar. It all comes together rarely!

I think I'm loving the white background though. Makes my pasty white english skin look tanned haha.

I think I am starting to realise how truly draining my normal job is! I normally crash physically and emotionally whenever I am home. Unfortunately that also means this place is generally a write off 24/7 and I do my best to have a small path from my door to my bed clear so I don't do myself any more damage falling over crap getting to my bed.

Tonight I got home and was like OK cool. This place is a mess lets fix it. I had my washing on and pulled everything apart and got to work. I plugged my iPhone into the speakers cranked the volume started singing and Jadey is a happy girl! It was easy and near on effortless. My feet and ankles would have been happier had I been in bed withmy feet up but I'll pat them and massage them and sing to them and pray they don't punish me later.

This is not me! Not me at all! My new job is basically analysis and data entry. It's a job where I sit at a computer with my headphones linked to my iPhone playing music and not my telephone talking to people. It is draining because you concentrate and it's repetitive and mind numbing but apparently that means I have the energy for a life out side of work.

Now I need to book more tupperware parties while this phenomenon has taken over me!

Has anyone else been in this same kind of situation?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

So What Does -15 kgs Look Like?

I'm pretty proud of myself. The shorts that were stretching at the seems fit really well. If anything starting to get big. My back boobies are disappearing and everything is in general shrinking! WOOHOO!!!
Now cause I don't have my water marking program on here lets hope my photos don't end up anywhere dodgy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I know I have been a very bad blogger haven't I! My sincerest (is that a word) apologies.

Not that much has been going on in my life so I haven't felt the urge to be writing about boringness, knowing that no one would want to read about boringness. But on the other hand I would love to increase my readership. Any of you popular bloggers got some tips and tricks on how I do that? I'll admit to loving the attention :P

Now are you ready for a catch up? Grab a cuppa and go to the loo cause this could be a long one.

So as you all know I made a return to work and quickly went out and bought myself the car of my dreams. You girls are all too damn funny with your name suggestions!

Cara - I can't call it Jadey that's my name and all too confusing! I did like Diamond though.
Sharon - Montgomery seriously?? Future Hubby read that and was like yup it's settled Montgomery it is. Nooooo.
Sharon, Beck and Wanna - BAZZA????? Honestly girls who's on drugs here and how did you all come up with such a bogan name for my purdy Pajero. hahahahaha I'm thinking Pumpy - Future Hubby (FH from here on in) is in total denial about the whole thing and refuses to accept it but I think it's funky! He thinks it me

Chris - Maybe I gotta offer up a prize to get a cool name like Roxy :p

I think I am going to make FH happy for now and name him Montgomery.

Monty and I have become very close friends. I absolutely adore him. I am very happy to say that he doesn't use more fuel than my old car and he is so much easier to drive. So much easier to park! It's smaller and a can see the corners AND it has the reversing sensors. Oh dreamboat.

My return to work on the other hand seems to have been fairly short lived. I was back in the club but not having all that much luck. I wasn't really doing my own job so I felt like I wasn't doing all that I could to be effective in my position. In fact I felt really useless.

I got sent off to a summit where we were supplied with some extra training and responsibility which was awesome. I learnt so much in my time there! Plus I got to spend the night in a hotel at Bondi Beach and woke up to a short walk down to the beach to spend the morning sitting on the boardwalk there soaking up the sunshine and people watching. It was amazing! Great way to start the day. My poor colleagues were being dragged through bootcamp on the beach but I am sure they are all the better for it (even if it was after a night of hard drinking and no sleep)

We learnt about something called Insights. Which is kind of like personality typing I suppose. You learn about what drives you (and those around you) and why people are like they are. I came up a strong Yellow with Strong Green and Red behind me also.

Yellow is bubbly and loving. They are people that love attention. They want to be included in everything and HATE to be left out. It's like a personal insult. (even when it's not) It is quite energetic. Yellow needs to be loved. Hence the need for more readers or commenter's or both. And the Look at me! Personality I sometimes display.

Green is very caring and compassionate. This is the side that has me worried about people in the middle of the night. I'm sure this is the side of me that makes me cry when people I don't even know die (not celebrities just anyone!) This is the part of me that wants to do whatever I can to help. That takes time out for people even when it's to my own detriment.

And Red is the total opposite! I'm generally red when I'm mad or determined. Red is the fire in me. It's me when I have a short fuse. It's the determination, driven, get in my way and get run over girl. It can be nasty. It doesn't come out much in the bad way thank goodness because Yellow and Green dominate.

Isn't it interesting. If I had my book here or could even seem to successfully google the information I am looking for it I could give you so much better and more thorough explanations of what I just said. I want to do the official test and find out exactly where I fit but it costs. one day one day.

After the summit I raised some concerns about me actually implementing what I had learnt with my regional manager. He completely understood which is great. He's a nice bloke and we get along well. Surprisingly though when I returned to work on Monday I was able to do my job without a hassle.

There was a couple of things that are still a sticking point so on Tuesday morning my Regional manager Hr and myself met to chat and I have moved workplace for a little while to head office. It's tripled my fuel bill and the tolls suck but it's going to give me an opportunity to a) be useful b) stay off my feet and c) become an absolute admin whizz. So it'll be very useful when I do return to my normal duties.

OK off of boring day to day work and onto TUPPERWARE!

I am having so much fun with Tupperware and to be honest it is so rewarding even in these early early days. I have earnt so much stuff for free and I am feeling really good about my decision to become a Tupperware lady. I am not doing as many parties as I would like to yet (Book me now before I get too busy) But I am sure it's coming. My Fan Page on Facebook seems to be pretty popular but I'd love it if you could join (My Tupperware Lady) and if you are already there invite your friends. The wider the audience the better!

We released the Spring / Summer catalogue a couple of weeks ago and as of today it became public! I love it! There are so many awesome products. Some great new stuff. A return of some of the older stuff and new colours in other ranges. It's gorgeous and fun. And really reminds you of the warmer weather. If you want a copy feel free to send an email to me at and give me your postal address and I'll get one in the mail to you.

It's such a great business opportunity with so many rewards as well as cash. But also it's fun! I get to sit with people and have a chat and enjoy a scone or cake or both (oops) and a cuppa with them. And I don't even have to sell! It does that by itself. Not many haven't heard of Tupperware and everyone needs it.

If you are in Sydney and want to come play in a Sales Meeting with me one night and see behind the scenes make sure you let me know won't you. Cause I would love to bring you along as my guest :) No pressure to join or anything.

Oh MAN I sound like I'm part of AMWAY! Nooooo not me. Sorry this is definitely NOT Amway.
Now despite all the cookies and scones and cake I am still managing to lose weight. Although I have remained at the same weight for the last 6 days! HOW FRUSTRATING, I think staying the exact same weight every morning is even more frustrating than going up a bit going down a bit etc. Actually no! I'll take staying the same instead of going up. It gives me hope that it's fluid or something.

So where am I at?

Well I started at 126.9 kgs (shock fucking horror how the hell did I get there?)
And as of this morning (and for the last 6 days running) I have weighed in at 111.8 kgs

That's a loss of 15.1 kgs or Biggest Loser style 11.9% of my total Body Weight

How cool is that? I really can't complain. For those that forget or those of you just joining the program. I have a goal of 64kgs in time for my wedding which will be March 2011 if I get my act together and plan it between now and then. So I have 47.8 kgs to go to goal.

The other day I found a very rare Cadbury Cream Egg supplier and I took a bite and threw half of it in the bin! Like What The????

You see I have also set myself mini goals along the way and I have achieved 2 of these now and I am eager to achieve the 3rd. Now it would also be good if I had actually treated myself to the 2 goals I have achieved but I am sure it's coming (One is movies gold class for which I have the tickets already and one is a full body massage which I also have a voucher for) The Next goal to achieve is for a deluxe pedi. But I am thinking of switching that with something else since I can hardly touch my foot thanks to the surgery and so therefor there would be nothing deluxe about a foot massage at this stage and no pedi is deluxe without one. The next goal marks me getting under 110kgs so 109.9 kgs. I can smell it!

I think I really need to be getting on the bike and swimming a bit more though. Well that's the fakest thing ever cause I'm not getting on the bike or swimming at all. So I actually need to do it! It will help rehab my ankle and help me burn some extra calories.

We Are Slimming is having another challenge starting Monday! It's a 6 week Keep it Simple Challenge so feel free to join in with us. People are setting goals for the challenge already I gotta admit I am still working on mine. WAS is an awesome and supportive forum. The girls are all so close and really care about how you are going and that kind of thing.

Ah well - it's past time for this lil chook to get some zzz's I hope you are all doing well. I promise to catch up on some bloggy reading in the next few days if you promise to feed my yellow and comment a bit more (haha)

I'll try and comment on your blogs too!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Names Required!

My new toy is still un named. Please don't leave Jason to name him/her because he's saying Montgomery! My last car was Vera and the one before he also named Eugeine-Bailey.

It needs something funky!


Hey guys!

Sorry for the delay but I successfully completed the We Are Slimming 12 Week Winter Challenge! Yay!



TOTAL LOSS:~ 13.2 kg / 10%

% CM LOST:~ 8.4%

♥ Have done all necessary physiotherapy inc the exercises set - Nope
♥ Have regularly updated my blog (1 x a week min) - Yup
♥ Regularly updated WAS - Success
♥ Followed all doctors orders - Yup
♥ Have lost at least 10kg - Yup
♥ Be down at least 2 dress sizes - Not entirely sure. I've definitely dropped one. And my pants are loose. Maybe!
♥ Exercised at least 5 x a week for a minimum half hour as a habit - No
♥ Limit my junk food habits - Getting much better
♥ Establish a sensible sleeping pattern - Nope
♥ Become more aware of my eating - Success
♥ Eat at the table not in front of the TV or at my desk - Nope Still gotta work on this one
♥ Have my engagement party planned and organized - No still so much to work on!
♥ Wear a dress to my engagement party - I will! I wore a dress last night to a cocktail party. And it was too big for me :P

Plus this means I have ticked off number 93 on my 101 list which was to complete a 12 week we are slimming challenge!