Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SUNDAY 20th???

Ok I have Sunday 20th off work!


Ok for anyone who read this already I apologise. I don't! But I finish fairly early Saturday and Sunday that weekend if you wanted to do dinner ??

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

When good things happen!

I got a telephone call today from Sydney offering me a position as the Assistant Club Manager of one of the Platinum clubs!

I am so excited!

Unfortunately this also means I will be leaving Victoria in 3 weeks PLUS in that time I have to spend some time in Perth.

Melbourne girls - You have been such an important part of my life I really don't want to go without saying goodbye. I know some of you have fabulous organising skills! Is anyone happy to put up their hand to help me with a farewell?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another Update

And it's even less than 2 weeks since my last post! (Just) Oh you poor neglected blog.
So I can't actually remember much of what has happened in the last two weeks. I know I worked alot. It was end of the month and I was madly selling gym memberships.

Oh yeah! I was given an ultimatum to either quit my job or quit my photography because despite an agreement when I was hired that I could ALWAYS continue my photography.

Meh new manager no agreement. Go higher up the chain and because I don't have it in writing I can suck eggs. Too damn bad my problem not theirs.

Organised a meeting after accidentally sending a negative "the pressure is on me" kind of message that was meant for someone else to my regional manager. She agreed to see me and understands this isn't me and isn't who I want to be.
Got an email from HR in Sydney saying I was unsuccessful after a phone screening for the positions I applied for in Sydney. :(

Came first in the state for one of the measured sales catagories with a 90% hit rate but for some reason the girl with a 58% hit rate was the one called up. (WTF? I am OBVIOUSLY by far in front!)

Grabbed the book "The Art of Bitchcraft" from Borders in the 10 minute break in above mentioned sales meeting.

Met with the regional manager for a 10 minute meeting that went for almost 2 hours. But she is happy to help me move to another position within the company so the imminent feeling I had that I wouldn't have a job in a couple of weeks is easing. But not completely gone.

Spoke with my new manager who is happy to keep me until the end of the month (yay ??)

Was going to go see Beckie and bubba Morrisson Thursday but Dad came home after a long interstate truck trip that day so I had to do the family / good daughter thing and stay home. Can't wait to come up though Beckie! Is next weekend ok? (if I can make it I haven't even looked LOL)

Had a phone call from my chosen club in Sydney for a phone interview with some situational questioning. He seemed to like me and the vocab is going in a positive direction (This is the club I had previously been told I was unsuccessful with so I'm very confused!)

Worked today but it was crud. I think it's because of many reasons. 1st nice day in a long time. School holidays. 1st weekend for snow activities. People are tightening their belts because of the current economy.

I'm super nervous about moving home (nothing has been worked out with the mother in law) and super excited all at the same time. Anyone got any ideas on how to deal with the whole thing?

Keep fingers crossed for me I need to be in the right position not just any position. I am praying God opens doors I am supposed to walk through (a different position has just been advertised in Melbourne that I would be highly recommended for as well) and closes ones I am not.

BTW does anyone have cycling shoes? I am dying to try a pair to see if they help with my foot problems so I can get back into a spin class. If you are in victoria and wouldn't mind lending me yours I might love you forever., haha