Wednesday, September 2, 2009


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Did you notice anything in my last post??

Yup! I reached the next goal this morning! I'm going to have to push back my pedi a bit as I still can't have my foot or ankle touched by anyone. So FH and I are going to go see Avenue Q!!! I am so excited about that.

Height:~ 168 cms
Start Weight:~ 126.9 kgs
Goal Weight:~ 64 kgs
Current Weight:~ 109.6 kgs
Weight Lost:~ 17.3 kgs
% Weight Lost:~ 13.6%
Weight to Goal:~ 45.6 kgs


Well today kickstarted the WAS Challenge for me. I am so happy to be a part of a forum of such awesome people. You should really get along to We Are Slimming if you have a weightloss goal or maybe you are maintaining.

It's a 6 week basic challenge so I did my waist measurement and weighed in this morning. I set some goals for myself to achieve in the next few weeks and I'm happy cruising along.

It's not too late to get started if you'd like to join in and it's completely free!
My Goals for The Challenge
* To lose 5 kg
* Eat not more than 3 small meals a day
* Swim once a week
* Blog at least weekly
Starting Stats
Weigh In Date:~ Wed 2nd September
Height:~ 168 cms
Current Weight:~ 109.6 kgs
Current Waist Measurement:~ 115 cms