Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Land of Privacy

I thought I would get myself ready for the new year so I'm starting myself a new blog. There's going to be awhile before Operation Roxy see's daylight due to an influx of weight this year.

I'm not blind to it at all. I have been wandering around lately in trackie pants because they are comfy and the only things I own not to give me a massive muffin top. Everything I have is a 16 you see. I'm not a 16 anymore which was to become blindingly obvious this afternoon.

I went out with my Mum to the boxing day sales. Went into City Chic (formerly Big City Chic) and grabbed a pair of jeans in a size 18. They fit and I was horrified. BCC dramatically oversize their clothes. You know - to make us fat chics feel better. An 18 is more like a 22! Ok deep breaths and I walked out without buying them as the zip was already busted. (They can make some good stuff but geez they have some crap quiality also)

I ended up at Crossroads. This store is a fat chics friend. Buy normal clothes in your size here! It's great. (Why can't target etc just make everything bigger so there's not 2 different sections?) But what is my size? Yup 22. FUCK! This is depressing. I bought a few pairs of pants for work and plonked them in the car. Continued shopping and grabbed some tops from Giordano and a new bra from Myer. Has anyone tried the Berlei Barely There bra's? I got fitted on the red bus and they are amazingly comfortable! I am changing my whole wardrobe over slowly since my size is hard to find,. (16E for enormous ouch).

Then I got home and decided to have a look and see what NY resolutions I acheived in 2007. Well that's also just too depressing to look at.

Thank God for the quote I made up last year. (see below) Everyone is entitled to a new start. Doesn't matter how many times you need one. The idea is not to give up!

These pictures show such a dramatic change from where I was in 2006. It's so sad. I went such a long way to fall so hard. 2008 is going to be an unhill struggle for me with my weight issues especially since my eating is well out of control, my ankle has caused a zillion other issues and I'm doing too many hours at work. I think I should get myself some new bathers and get right into the swimming. Some of the hand flipper thingos wouldn't go astray either (since flippers hurt my ankles) Maybe that will be my mission for tomorrow along with working on some new years resolutions.

Appropriate huh!

A New Beginning

"Today you are presented with an empty book. Today you stand faultless, the pages of this year will be filled with whatever you desire. Let your mouth only speak of joys, success and positivity, for the power of the tongue is great and that which you speak shall be. My prayer for you is health & happiness, prosperity and success."~

Jade "Jadey" Ward (New Years message [2007])