Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hi All! Day 80 of 84!

Wow I can't believe this challenge is almost over. I have achieved some of my overall goals. Not all but I am still quite happy with the overall outcome at this stage.

I'll leave the big reveal for day 84.

I have been working on a few of my 101 goals too and I am happy to say I have crossed off or I am in progress of crossing off 25 of those goals. I'm fairly impressed with that but I still have a few more things I would like to cross off in the near future.

I'd still love advice on what to do with redundant goals. Maybe I should cross them off as no longer applicable?

Who has actually completed a 101 list? I know someone mentioned one of the Kate's (I'm sorry I don't know which one) Completed hers just recently. I would love to read over the list and process. All too often we spend so long creating these lists of goals we would like to achieve and then as life goes on we completely ignore it. I'd really like to move forward with my goals and make them happen. The big the small the mid sized. A couple of big things have already happened and they are the hardest. Now talking of the big things....

Let me share with you the latest of goals that I ticked off my list. Goal number 36 of 101. Buy a Short Wheel Base Pajero. See below = My gorgeous Paj which is yet Un named. Total shite photo of it though - I haven't had a chance to take it out for piccys. I just snapped this one with my iPhone when I came back to the car at Chatswood Chase the other day. I was just so in love with it. Esp with my new totally overpriced number plates.

It's a VRX so comes with the HID lights, Side Steps, 18" Alloys, 2 tone paint, Leather Interior, Heated Seats (one of my newest fav things), HUGE almost convertible like sunroof, Lots of airbags, it also came with Pajero mats, Bonnet Protector, headlight and fog light protectors, roof racks and a few other bibs and bobs I can't remember off the top of my head but you get the picture. It's super luxo!

I'll take better photos when I am better again.

I have never owned a car so new nor so expensive in my life. But I am happy I bought it.


My cars have always always had names and I haven't thought of anything for it as yet.

What else is happening? Hrm well with a few days to go until the end of the challenge my weight loss is coming along well. Completing the challenge = ticking off another thing on my 101 list and doing it for me.

To tick off my list this month.

36. Buy a Short Wheel Based Pajero - Done
82. Have a Full Body Massage - I need to book this in
89. Consolidate my super - I haven't even looked at this. Is anyone especially happy with theirs? Tell me who and why!
90. Get Income Protection Insurance - I haven't looked at this either again - are you especially happy with yours? Tell me who and why!
93. Complete a 12 week WAS Challenge - Completes in 4 days
96. Get my Tupperware business off the ground - Yay I'm off and running. I am still looking for some Sydney hosts to spoil with Free Tupperware. Would over $220 worth of free Tupperware OF YOUR CHOICE be great in your house?
100. Organize the catch ups with friends I have been meaning to for ages - I am so happy to have met up with a whole pile of people I have been planning on seeing for ages. Now to stay in touch

In the last couple of weeks I have been lucky enough to Meet Dannie from We Are Slimming, Tina from Mummified Times Five and B from Beetricks. I have known all these ladies online for sooo many years and it has been an absolute joy to meet every single one of them. I am so glad to have such wonderful people in my life. Now the trick is to stay in touch and catch up more often.

I am back at work, I miss my folks. Does anyone want to get involved in a working bee at their place? They really need help to pull it all together and get the damn thing on the market so they can move up here.

At the moment I am in bed with a virus and the flu. There is a small worry it's the swine flu as I have had contact with others who are infected. (Gotta love working in a gym, STAY HOME PEOPLE!) But they don't test unless you are knocking on deaths door at the moment. While I am sure I am dying my doctor says he has seen worse and I'll live. The virus he's treating though. Anti biotics for Jadey to get rid of green phlegm. Even the word is ugly.

Thank God for my TV, my PVR (hard drive video recorder), and my laptop. At least when I am awake I am entertained. All without leaving my bed. I am sleeping a lot though. I don't want to move. I am puffed out and tired getting from my bed to the stairs which is about a 10 metre walk. Don't even ask about getting up and down them. Ugh!

The greatest part is I have been working on this post for hours now (yes lack of energy, concentration etc etc) and I am thirsty. But I can zip a message to Jason on MSN and ask him to bring me some nourishing fluids. I love him. He's the bestest.

I think I am going to go back to sleep now. My neck no longer holds the weight of my head.

Don't forget to leave your comments. And the questions of the day were.

What do I do about redundant 101 goals?
Which Kate finished their 101 recently and where do I find it?
What should I name my beautiful new car?
Tell me about your super company if you are especially happy with it and why.
Tell me about your income protection insurance if you are especially happy with it and why.

Or just drop me a message to say hi!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Correct Change 62/84

Humans find it hard to change their behavior. Approximately 95% of new years resolutions are never achieved. Dr Adam Fraser looks at why we are so terrible at sticking to goals.

In a way achieving goals goes against our natural biological drivers. Our natural program is to move away from things that cause us stress and discomfort. Studies have shown that the most common emotions people feel during the goal achievement process are frustration, anxiety, fear, boredom and apathy. Therefore we have to realize that altering any habit or achieving any goal flies in the face of our normal biological desires and behavior.


1.) Get Over Your Story!

When people stop taking action toward their goal they rationalized it by making up a story around why they couldn't do it. Most of the time they said it was not their fault ie:~ "I will get back to this goal when work calms down a bit". When analyzed their stories were inaccurate and delusional.

2.) Realize It Won't Be Easy!
When people who stopped pursuing a goal, were shown examples of other people who were successful at achieving a similar goal, they saw the other persons goal as being easier, or that the other person was having more fun getting to their goal. Neither of these were true. In fact those that stuck to their goal were as challenged, bored, frustrated with their goals as those that gave up. They just didn't see those things as a reason to quit.

3.) Just Start!
Research shows that once we start the activity, momentum tends to make us keep going. For example to get people to exercise researchers got them to walk for just 10 minutes a day, however once they were out and exercising they continued to walk much longer.

4.) Don't Think Too Much!
People that didn't achieve their goals tended to think about it a lot. Those people that did achieve their goals didn't analyze it too much, when it came time to do their chosen activity, they just did it.

5.) Create Tension!
Often children stick to new hobbies or sports because they have a lot of tension in their environment to make them keep going. Tension from parents, coaches and other students. All these sources of tension keep them accountable. Announce your goals to people and set up tension in your environment to keep you accountable.

6.) Change The Small Stuff!
A recent weight loss study showed that people who changed small habits like the way they drove to work, what wrist they wore their watch on, which hand they brushed their teeth with, lost far more weight than those in the study who did not change these small habits.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Good Food and Wine 61/84

First up I have to thank you all so much for your blog comments below. It means so much to have you all with me on this journey and I have been so lucky to have so many internet buddies in my life. In fact the people I am closest to including my fiance, maid of honour, bridesmaids the lot were all met online. And that is why you are so important to me.

Today Loz and I headed off to the Good Food and Wine Show. I stumbled across this last year and was mightily impressed with what was on offer. So much so I decided it simply HAD to be an annual pilgramage. Me and my Nanna trolley. (Totally stolen picture) which is an absolute essential. Along with leaving your handbag at home, bringing a big back pack and the essentials only haha.
I should have known what kind of day it was going to turn out to be when the first stand we decided to visit was the Absinthe one. 3 shots down, feeling a little tipsy (no breakfast) And we moved onto the Finlandia vodka stand. 5 or 6 shots of that and the party had definitely started. It was only 9:30am. (oops)
It was rough going getting around the expo. I'm no where near recovered and I think I bit off wayyy more than I can chew. But it was still an awesome day. I even found 2 wines I like! I have never liked any wines. Both Brown Brothers - Sienna and Zibbo. YUMMY
There was even a huge Tupperware stall that my team happened to be manning as we went past so I got to say hi to them. I am looking forward to being able to join them on one of these days. They looked to be having fun :)
Heaps of cheeses and yummy bits and pieces. I came home with chocolates, cheese twists, chai tea and I should have purchased more cheeses. But I came home with a massive haul of alcoholic products. Especially for someone who doesn't generally drink. Oops. See below. ALL bought at the expo and there are some bottles behind others etc.

When we had finished making our way through the expo I called Jase to come and pick us up. I am so glad he was driving because constructing a sentence was hard. No way could I drive. Neither could Loz although she was holding on better than me.
While we waited Loz and I jumped on the Ferris Wheel which has been set up in Darling Harbour, I have been looking at this thing from the road when I pick Jason up from work wondering exactly where it was etc and wanting a ride for a month.
Unfortunately the sun was in the wrong position for photos of the harbour. But I did capture this one of the chinese gardens. An awesome place to visit if ever you are in Sydney.

And this one of Lozza and I. It always makes for a great outing! I highly recommend getting along if you aren't doing anything tomorrow. And pay the $25 for a trolley when you walk in the door. Trust me!

All in all it was an awesome day. I don't think the scales will be happy with me in the morning but my tastebuds sure have been. Hopefully any damage doesn't show up on Monday's weigh in cause I am tracking well at this stage.
Now haven't we had GORGEOUS weather in Sydney this week! Today was cool in the wind and the wind was a bit strong yesterday but the sun has been gorgeous. Not too hot nor too cold.
I was teasing my Mum yesterday. As I was sitting in the car waiting to pick Jason up from work I took a photo of the outside temperature display which was reading 23°C and emailed it to her. I don't think she was happy. Melbourne has had miserable weather.

Oh and you may have noticed I boosted the 101 list as I have ticked off a whole pile of stuff in the last month or so. So I thought I should set myself monthly targets to acheive certain 101 goals or it woud never happen. Last month I finally tried a Custard Apple. I'm not sure this one wasn't starting to turn (see the darker areas) But I ate some of the good bits and it was beautiful! It really tastes like custard.

So this month I am going to try and tick off

36. Buy a Short Wheel Based Pajero - in progress hopefully I'll pick it up early next week.
82. Have a Full Body Massage - I have a voucher the guys at work gave me for my birthday yeah in December (Oops) And I really really need one now.
89. Consolidate my super - Its all over the place and my main one isn't an industry fund so it's charging huge fees. Time to move on.
90. Get Income Protection Insurance - My operation has showed me how important this is. It can be a part of my super so that's how I am going to try and structure it
93. Complete a 12 week WAS Challenge - I have been doing well this challenge and as you can see above there are 23 days to go in this one :)
96. Get my Tupperware business off the ground - I would consider paying off my kit, being confident with my parties, introducing some others to the business and getting some prizes at sessions off the ground.
100. Organize the catch ups with friends I have been meaning to for ages - I have caught up with many people I have meant to but I am finally catching up with B and a couple of other people. When that happens I'll consider this successful.
Does anyone have ideas for 101's that become redundant? Like I have tinting my windows on the list but now I am buying this other car it already has tinted windows. Do I replace it with something else or ignore it?

101 Things in 1001 Days

An all New 101 things in 1001 days list for me.

For three reasons really. I haven't looked at my last list in a damn long time, I think my 1001 days for the last list is almost up and many things in my life have changed.

My new list should be all ticked off by 18/07/2011
(Originally created 20/10/2008)

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as New Year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Some common goal setting tips:

1. Be decisive.
Know exactly what you want, why you want it, and how you plan to achieve it.

2. Stay Focussed.
Any goal requires sustained focus from beginning to end. Constantly evaluate your progress.

3. Welcome Failure.
Frequently, very little is learned from a venture that did not experience failure in some form. Failure presents the opportunity to learn and makes the success more worthy.

4. Write down your goals.
It clarifies your thinking and reinforces your commitment.

5. Keep your goals in sight.
Review them frequently, and ensure that they are always at the forefront of your thinking.

So what should I list here? Last time it took me FOREVER to get a list together so lets see how we go.

Jadey's 101 Things to do in 1001 Days

  1. Organise write and send my Christmas Cards Completed December 2009
  2. Get weight under 100kgs (Acheived 20th January 2010)
  3. Get to Virgin Fat (82.2kgs)
  4. Get to Goal weight
  5. Become a Club General Manager
  6. Run a successful club at 109%+ EBITDA (work term)
  7. Record expenses and spending Completed 30/06/2009
  8. Create a Budget Completed 08/05/2009
  9. Follow that budget
  10. Get up to date with my tax Completed ??/2009
  11. Learn to Save and keep 3 Months Wages in Savings
  12. Get Engaged to Jason (28/02/2009)
  13. Get Married to Jason
  14. Get Pregnant
  15. Get Ankles fixed properly (First operation 12/03/2009)
  16. Learn to Run
  17. Run a Fun Run
  18. Run all the way in a fun run
  19. Swim with Wild Dolphins
  20. Host a Formal Dinner Party
  21. Get into My Roxy Jeans
  22. Give Blood
  23. Visit Darwin
  24. Visit Alice Springs
  25. Visit Adelaide
  26. Learn Italian In Progress from April 2009
  27. Get a Sewing Machine and Learn to Sew
  28. Enjoy a Health Retreat
  29. Complete City to Surf
  30. Have a Technology Free Weekend
  31. Learn Photoshop
  32. Participate in a Triathlon
  33. Go to the Circus
  34. Go to the Easter Show
  35. Tour Fraser Island
  36. Buy a 4WD SWB Pajero Completed 7/7/2009
  37. Bungee Jump again
  38. Laser Legs, Bikini and Underarms
  39. Fix Torana
  40. Go Scuba Diving
  41. Buy Bookshelves Completed 03/07/2009
  42. Organise Antenna for bedroom Completed 02/07/2009
  43. Eliminate Bad Debt
  44. Learn to Airbrush
  45. Decorate for Christmas
  46. Host Christmas or Christmas in July
  47. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb
  48. Eat and See a show at the Opera House
  49. Eat at Level 41
  50. Try every Gym class at least once Completed: Body Balance, RPM, Cycle
  51. White Water Rafting
  52. Rock Climbing
  53. Learn to Ski or Snowboard
  54. Start Martial Arts
  55. Get Motorbike Permit
  56. Swim 50 laps
  57. Drive Sydney - Melbourne Coast road
  58. Buy a King Sized Bed
  59. Finish transporting and unpacking my stuff
  60. Get into a good Sleeping routine and keep it
  61. Complete this list Completed 5/05/2009
  62. Visit Thailand
  63. Replace Car Stereo Completed 26/12/2008
  64. Take a full month off work Completed March 2009
  65. Go on a cruise
  66. Get front gates fitted
  67. Fit Out Laundry
  68. Refit Kitchen
  69. Buy a slow cooker and learn how to use it
  70. Buy a Kirby
  71. Create a dream board Completed 5/5/2009
  72. New curtains for the bedroom and tv room Bedroom Completed 25/06/2009
  73. Intercom / Alarm and Entry system
  74. Buy giant George Forman grill or similar Completed 27/06/2009
  75. Buy Magic Bullet Completed 24/12/2008
  76. Get matching fridge (already have the freezer)
  77. Completely De Clutter the house
  78. Get Storm's weight down Completed June 2009
  79. Learn to focus on eating, not sitting at my desk or in front of the laptop or TV Completed June 2009
  80. Get car windows tinted Completed 18/07/2009
  81. Get a pedicure
  82. Have a full body massage Completed 30th Dec 2009
  83. Become more domestic, cook regularly, clean etc (oh wait.. WHAT!!!???) I AM!!! June / July 2009
  84. Try Paddle Surfing
  85. Try Kiteboarding
  86. Convince Jase to join me in Rock n Roll Lessons
  87. Trapeze Day
  88. Degustation Dinner at Tetsuyas
  89. Consolidate my Super
  90. Get income protection insurance
  91. Try a custard apple Completed 29/06/2009
  92. Buy House
  93. Complete a 12 Week WAS Challenge Completed 27/07/2009
  94. Do an Urban Max Adventure
  95. Go to my first ever Concert Completed 6/06/2009 PINK ROCKS!!!!
  96. Get my Tupperware business off the ground Completed July 2009
  97. Buy a good set of headphones
  98. List and sell Un Necessary or Un loved items on eBay/Trading Post/Whereever
  99. Do a house audit Completed December 2009
  100. Organise the catch ups with friends I have been meaning to for ages Completed July 2009
  101. Buy Helicopter flight lessons for Jason

Thursday, July 2, 2009

59 / 84

I know I have taken too long between blogs when I have to go back and check on what the hell my last blog actually said.

Well I lasted just over a week at work. Then on Monday night I had really aching horrible pains running down my entire left leg. I had freaked out at first thinking it was a blood clot or something. I took Tuesday off and took myself to the doctor. The Doctor has a theory that it may be pinched nerves in my back. Lucky aren't I? So I am off work again until Monday unless my back get better beforehand. And if it doesn't I'm off for further testing.

I'm not going so well with my physio exercises cause now I'm resting again. Ah well. Shame it also screws up the goals I set for myself on Monday haha. (See bottom of page). While I am resting up though I should update my 101 list. I have started ticking off some things. (yay)

Jason cancelled our foxtel subscription this week and it all finished up yesterday. I am so happy about this as Foxtel is the hugest waste of money! Honestly it cost us $130 a month to watch TV!!!! Screw that. There is plenty on free to air available. I need to get myself a longer antenna cord to plug my PVR in so I can record the shows I normally watch again.

In other news I am buying myself a new car! (YAY) And finally I am getting what I want. Yes. After 8 years of looking and longing I am buying a Pajero. I never liked the 4 door ones and the return of the 2 door 2 years ago excited me no end. Now I am only days away from my new car and I am too excited. (And can you tell if anything gets in my road I will be totally crushed)

It's not my preferred colour. But silver is nice too. It's the second choice to black. It's got a full leather interior with heated seats. A sunroof and a few other factory options. It's so nice to drive. It's not entirely practical so I said to Jase if I don't get one now I will never be able to because a) they are being discontinued again in Australia and b) I don't think it practical for multiple children. In fact it might even be hard work with one. (I might borrow a baby with their capsule and find out hahahaha)

The next thing to decide on is do I pay the yearly $440 for my personalised number plates? I love them. I really do. But I hate that NSW makes you lease them and you never own them. Maybe I'll register it in Victoria where I can buy the plates for $495 and never pay again and own them. It's an option I am lucky to have.

Weight loss wise Operation Wedding Dress is well underway. I am still dropping weight and seeing successes. My measurements are well down on my beginning point and I am feeling really good. I am setting my goals and reporting on them every week on the We Are Slimming forums (as well as here) and seem to be acheiving the majority of them. Sure I miss some things but I am only human and I am accepting of that.

I am still weighing daily which also helps to keep me on track but my main weigh in day is Monday and I accept whatever that weight is on the day up or down knowing that it's a process and one that will take some time. As long as the trend continues downwards I am on the right path.

This week when I weighed in on Monday I was very happy with the results! This week saw me burst through the 10kg mark! This is such a great feeling. I am really happy about doing what's right for me. I can't wait to start doing some exercise!

Now I have been reading and catching up on all your blogs. I will try to be better with the comments but if you are dropping by here for a read please comment so I know you were here. It makes a girl feel loved you know LOL


Height:~ 168 cms
Start Weight:~ 126.9 kgs
Goal Weight:~ 64 kgs
Current Weight:~ 116.7 kgs
Weight Lost:~ 10.2 kgs
% Weight Lost:~ 8%
Weight to Goal:~ 52.7 kgs


FOOD 1:~ Cook and portion healthy meals
FOOD 2:~ Increase water intake

EXERCISE 1:~ Ride Bike for 5 - 10 mins everyday as per physio

OTHER 1:~ Sleep for minimum of 8 hours 5/7 Nights


FOOD 1:~ Cook and portion healthy meals ~ Yep
FOOD 2:~ Increase water intake ~ Yep

EXERCISE 1:~ Ride Bike for 5 - 10 mins everyday as per physio ~ Nope

OTHER 1:~ Unpack Books to Shelves ~ Yep