Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Photo of The Day

This message came up on one of our Printers at work today. Nothing was going right for me and the end of the day did finish with some network problem that shut down our phones and computers that no one could fix. So yeah. "There is no help available for this"


Friday, October 24, 2008

Does Reading Blogs Make YOU Hungry?

I've started catching up on everyone's blogs. I'm fairly certain that bloglines hasn't been updating properly because after checking everyones blogs I keep logging on to find logs that are days or weeks old but haven't been on my list.
As I've been catching up on people's blogs I find I neeed chocolate. I neeeed bread. I NNNEEEEEEDDDDD whatever everyone is writing on their blogs about. Seriously! You tell me you enjoyed some chocolate and I want chocolate. You tell me you avoided chocolate and I want chocolate.
Arrgghhh This reading blog stuff could make me fat :P
ERRRrrrrr fatter.

Ah well. I have had the day off today because I am working over the weekend. Picked up my car from the Mechanic after forking out $1600 for all the oil leaks and hoses and timing belt and blah blah blah to be fixed.
Decided to go via the chinese in the foodcourt at Chatswood Chase to get some BBQ Pork Buns. And as I sit in the carpark my window gets stuck, DOWN! After almost bursting into tears in frustration and playing around with all the other windows I figured it was just mine that wasn't working. Then just as I'm about to give up it moves! Just a little and stops and wont go up or down. Argghhhh. Ok just keep trying it worked last time. Yay finally the window goes up.
Then as I'm about to buy my BBQ pork buns I hear a voice say "Jadey" and it's Simmo! So I sat and chatted with her for awhile. The people you run into!
So I got my Pork buns and I was headed for home and I stopped at the lights near Westfield to see 3 of the Membership Consultants who work for me. So as I was stopped we chatted and some plumes of smoke drifted past my car as Ash says to me "Jadey, what's the matter with your car???" Oh shit that belongs to me? I'm in trouble now.
So I called Jase who after some investigative work told me to go back to the garage. When I got there we thought we'd try a thicker oil incase it didn't like the thin oil we put through it. Nope. Doing the work on the car we just did caused a new problem with the valve stem seals. So now I have a smokey car and the only way to fix it is to rip the engine out again and replace. Oooohhh there goes another $1000+ up in smoke. Literally.
I'm going to leave it until after Christmas. Other than the smoke blowing it's not causing any further damage so the damn thing can wait. I don't like spending money on it anyway cause it's not MY type of car. It's not a sports car or a 4wd or a muscle car it's just an A to B car. *YAWN*
Ok so the only other discovery I have made recently is that my hair is not in a let dry naturally cut. Not at ALL! I can't pull it back into a ponytail and it doesn't dry so good. Even my GHD didn't know what to do with this mess. I'm still boofy!

Why do I persist in putting up embarressing photos of myself? Oh yeah cause I think it's funny :p
Night peeps! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Hey all! It's been a fairly quiet weekend around these parts. We didn't do anything Friday night, I worked Saturday and Sunday Jase went out to the drags while I went out to the Dogs Day Out.

Jason basically spent all of Friday night cleaning out the study. SOO much clutter has seen the last of it's days in our house. I was so suprised and over them moon! The study is NEVER clean. His motivation is the fact that he wants one of the big trestle desks so he needs to clean up or it wont fit in the room!

We are in desperate need of a few good bookshelves though. I have books and the like all over the house. And a filing cabinet or two wouldn't go astray either. I really like the big white trestles too. Even though I am never in the study. I much prefer to be on the couch upstairs or in bed - either way with my lappy where it belongs (in my lap) in front of the telly watching whatever happens to be on at the same time.

We really need to work on decluttering the rest of the hosue as well. Oh ok forget that I live with an 81 year old woman. She loves her china dolls and little knick knacks. But we can get rid of a whole pile of other stuff anyway.

Saturday I was at work. I also had some spare time on my hands and so now I have discovered many iPhone applications. I now have a budget manager, iBowl, Audi A4 race car driving, Toilet Mate (I can see this being the most handy application ever!) and Near Me

Most were free, The budget manager cost me though. Not A cheao one but I'm hoping it will pay for itself.

Sunday morning I enjoyed a sleep in while Jase went to the drags. It was a hot one today. Storm and I eventually headed up to the local oval here (about 1km away) for Dogs Day Out. I wasn't impressed :( In years gone by they have had better stalls and more activities. I'm upset I missed Dogs Day By The Bay at Bayview. That's always a good doggy event.

The rest of today I have been sitting in front of the television catching up on stuff recorded on the IQ and doing my ironing. I got this great ironing "net" from magnamail (or something) so I can iron anything on the highest heat over printing, on more delicate clothes. It stops any shine as well! Makes life a bit easier.

Then tonight Jase and I went out for ice cream at royal copenhagen in the Manly Corso. We've been going to Cold Rock lately when we want ice cream but really with all the add in's I like etc Cold Rock is really VERY expensive. We got 2 icecreams from Royal Copehagen for what I would have paid for 1 at Cold Rock.

I shouldn't have had it at all since I am not losing weight (weigh in Saturday morning was 124.8kg) but hey it's much better to buy the occassional ice cream than buy a tub. A little of the good stuff.

I think I've been scaring people with my new hair but overall the response has been positive. I found my diary in the study clean up (been missing since I moved up from Melbourne) I'm so glad I have it cause now I can transfer birthdays etc to my electronic diary. (Not that I remember to send cards or call or anything)

Anyway I am going to watch a movie with my boy and he's refusing to start it until I get off the computer (He's foreign to this doing two things at once stuff like most men) So best I keep moving.

Have a great week!

Friday, October 17, 2008


I bought myself the new 3G iPhone. I never was going to buy one, because quite seriously they don't file share via bluetooth, they don't MMS and they are rather chunky!

BUT I am honestly in LOVE with this phone. It does everything! It carries my whole LIFE and syncs seemlessly with my laptop. I have a diary, my music, my to do list, a notepad, email, internet, weather, photos, sms conversations and even phone calls!

It does fit comfortably in my pocket and it's not as chunky and annoying as it seems!

I heart my iPhone!



I got my hair done this afternoon. I have gone from a blonde colour with BAD roots to a gorgeous DARK brown with red undertones. I absolutely adore it but it's a huge change all at once. I don't know that Jase is all too keen on it just yet but he reacts the same way everytime I change my hair.
With the cut and colour it took 4 hours to do my hair today. Nice and quick (in comparison to a going blonde anyway hahaha)

These are my new cycle shoes. As most of you know I have to have surgery on both my ankles but I also have plantaar fasceitus (sp?) in both feet as well. This meant that getting on a spin bike was extremely painful for me as the lower tendon in my foot would pull tightly and I would end up with pins and needles through my foot and severe pain for a LONG time afterwards.
So the theory (which has seemed to work) is that although nothing is going to stop my ankles hurting while doing this at least I can help my feet a little bit and get back into some cardio. The soles of the cycle shoes are actually solid you see. You can't walk around in them. The solid sole stops the arch of my foot from stretching and therefor helps with the pain. Oh my how I have missed doing classes. They are so much more fun than training on your own. (I am the girl that was too scared to do a class in the past so typing this is so funny!)
So far Loz and I have gotten together on Wednesday morning at the very unGodly hour of 6am to do a cycle class. The instructor was lovely but I had picked this particular class for it's instructor and this week we had a fill in! Oh well she was great anyway. She will be teaching this wednesdays class as well because Sharon (desired instructor) is in Bali. Hurumph to all these people going on Holidays. When do I get to go?? I loved the class anyway but those of you that have ever done them before knows that now a couple of days later OMG I am so sore!
It's all worth it when you burn 1211cal in 45 minutes though :P
I went over to Nick and Carissa's last night to drop something off for them. (Those of you that know Carissa should know they moved in together a few weeks ago and everything is bliss except their creepy neighbour) As I was sitting on the couch I moved the position of my legs and something in both knee and ankle on the left hand side protested loudly. I have been off my feet and crying since. It really bloody hurts! I am stuck upstairs because going up and down is KILLING me so I had my lovely boy bring dinner up for me and now since I am not moving anywhere I funnily enough find more time to blog.
I have had today off work (RDO not a sickie) and I'm working tomorrow so hopefully my crutches can stay in the boot cause I haven't pulled them out since I have been back in Sydney.
So anyway this is whats been happening in my life. I am catching up on your blogs. I am waaaayyy behind with many of you. I am trying to comment though. Although most of the time any comment is useless and out of date by now.
Love to All!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hey guys!

Way overdue for an update here so here I am. I hope you liked the photo montage below. It was supposed to be my quick way of blogging but it ended up taking forever! I could haive written a post all about it instead.

Interestingly enough I posted some of the below photos on my facebook page as well and one of the readers here I have never met before (Hi Nicole) actually recognised someone from my photos. Seems we have had a mutual friend for years and not known a thing about it.

I have been trying to get everything under control food and exercise wise. I have improved but my weight is still in yoyo mode. My last recorded weigh in was 124.9kgs. I've been using some scales at work where you pay your $2 and it gives you a print out with everything like your height weight BMI and suggested BMI and Weight range.

That was last Monday and I haven't been able to weigh in this week because I think the machine has too much money in it. Obviously I'm not the only one using it.

It's really depressing because I know I've been really good with my food about 75 - 80% of the time. And my activity levels have increased. Not dramatically, but they have increased.

Oh well.

Other than that!

I had my team at work around for a BBQ on the weekend. Jase and I really cooked up big (I even had vegetarian food for one of my team members) I suprised myself with what I can actually cook and put together.

It was a great night with plenty of laughs and the guys are much more comfortable as a team now I think. The guys have been so happy to get together like this. Much more casual no worries about work etc.

I also scored some tickets from work to go and see Priscilla the Musical last Thursday night. It was the first show I had been to since a school excursion in year 8 to 42nd street. I want to go see more! It was funny, it sucked me in. It was so much fun! Jase and I went together so he got to meet a few of the guys from work which was cool.

I also scored some tickets to Burn After Reading but we had some dramas at home last minute and I couldn't go. I was so cut! I hope Jase wants to come to the movies and watch it with me.

Have had some teething issues with my new manager but they were expected. Not sure exactly what I should do to be honest. But I'm just going to keep on keeping on. I love everything else about where I am at the moment.

Now I don't know why I am still typing at 10:30 at night when I agreed to do a Spin class at 6am tomorrow morning. First spin class in about 2 years so I am going to HURT SO BAD in the morning.

I got myself some new cycle shoes to help overcome the feet issues I have. Not as badly as they could be. And I have to do something for exercise! So wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed for me. (Ali any tips for me on this one? I know you are quite the cyclist)

I'll post some photos when I can either a) find some on the net or b) take some haha

I like them cause they have funky patterns - I'm such a girlly girl sometimes.

Ok before I sign off. I want to say a special thanks and goodbye (in blogworld) to Beckie. This is one amazing woman. One of the most genuine, funny, talented, friendly, amazing people I have met through blogging. I cried real tears when I read that Beckie has had to stop blogging because it's time to commit firther to her real life.

Thanks for everything you have contributed to the blogging world Beck and to my life personally. I am certain that like others gone before you (Philippa for example) everytime I log on I will still look for your contributions and miss them terribly when they aren't around. I am so priveledged to be able to count you as a friend and confidante.

If you ever wanted to be a casual blogger like me I'd follow ya hahahaha.

11pm now - I'm off to bed. Night all!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Photo Post

The Home and Away Beach - Up the road from where I now Live (Lucky me huh)

May and Nikola - Friends and Nikola now works for me

The Bride and Groom Rob and Morena - Married 4th October 2008

The Fitty First Wedding Team - Nikola and I

May and Nikola

MMM Brazillian dancing - I need to find shots of the boys doing Capoiera

End of the night - This chick is a riot shame I forget her name

Dancing - The look of Love

Nikola and May - They are great dancers

Bride and Groom discussing Tactics

There was a dance competition

Nikola and May got pulled up for being too good!

MMM The Brazillians - The black guy in the background is the hottest

May and Nikola getting told off

Oh to have an Arse like This

I'm sure you know these people now


Pat, Me & Anne

Anne, Pat and I

Pat, Me and Anne

Pat, Me and Anne

Ash - we have lucky dips and toys at work

Ash again - the afro IS a wig :P

Rowan and Ash

Our "Outreach" Stand

Me at 125kgs - This is my WORST photo ever

No time for a proper post I thought I might get some photos uploaded after all a picture does say a thousand words huh.